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    Bald Eagle vs Wolf

    That looks photo shop’d. If seen bald eagles (big and spooky looking) and I’ve seen wolves up close (Gi-frickin’-gantic) . That doesn’t look right.
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    "Hey, Bro, can I borrow a gun?"

    I’m pretty happy that my son goes to school in Flagstaff. I dumped some money in his account and 30 minutes later he called back with his new Savage .243 and 500 rounds. All I had the day before was a few 12ga for skeet and a couple .22’s to play with. I felt naked all of the sudden...
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    ZZ Top-NetFlix Documentary

    Enjoyed ! Thanks for the recommendation. The use of cartoons and real life was unusual and cool. The MTV part was funny when they first discovered it. Talking on the phone back and forth: “When’s this documentary end?” Lol
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    Trans Am - Best Racing Series Ever!

    yes- and how it was real personal to beat Rousch while in the Toyota.
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    [SOLD] Big Dog Oil Cooler

    Brand new American Industrial AB 702 oil cooler. Endurance racing or huge blower motor type cooler. Overkill for 90% of us. Bought when thinking about pulling the kid ski racing. Never installed. Seen on EBay for 1 grand or more. Would rather see it on a boat. Will deliver to Billy B deal at...
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    [WTS] 1” Magna Flow Water pump

    Could probably use a new cover. It’s bowed a little bit. I normally lightly apply silicone with my finger to assure a seal. Other than that no issues. $200.00
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    Definitely a Tarantino vibe to the show. I’ve enjoyed it so far
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    Mint 400 street show 2020

    That is Blake Wilkey’s class 11 Bug. I’ve been enjoying his build on YouTube (shreddylyfe)
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    Mint 400 street show 2020

    Did the Slug Shark make it?
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    River water level

    So when they increase flow from 1 to 2 units at Davis Dam/Mojave (say at 10 AM) about how long does it take for the water to rise at say Pirates/Moabi? Thx
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    If it wasn't for bad luck.......

    What makes you think you had bad luck? I’d say it’s the luckiest day of your life right there. You get to kiss your kids and wife good night tonite!
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    House re-pipe

    Abandon the old pipe under the slab and run a new plastic (Pex is the common name) type up through the attic and then down the walls to the fixtures in the kitchen, baths, laundry, water heater etc. As to OP original question I’d be thinking seriously about re route. Too many breaks to be an...
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    Changing Grey and black tanks on rv

    I’m thinking I’d just dump grey water in the desert.... and carry a portable wheeled tank for “overflow “ grey water if I was in a campground where my desert dump wouldn’t work....and then dump it all when I got home. And I’ve never owned an RV so I have no clue why that would be “frowned upon”
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    Earthquake coverage?

    Cole Trickles thinking is in line with mine... it would depend on Loan to value for me as the policy is really minimalist in that high end details are limited in many areas and the deductible is brutal. I do not have it on my house. if the house is paid off or L to V is super low, I’d...
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    Question for the tax experts

    So if you overpay your taxes due, you get a refund. Ok, dummy here gets that. But why is my State of California refund from last year considered “income” for this year??? WTF. I’ve always wondered why that is? Doesn’t this seem like double jeopardy somehow? I don’t remember ever paying my...
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    Sous Vide

    So my wife tells me I’m not supposed to drink water from a plastic bottle that got hot while sitting in my car.... But it’s ok to encapsulate my food in plastic and let it sit in way hotter water... Way too confusing for me....
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    Rigid core vinyl flooring

    Anything that floats is subject to getting water stuck underneath it during a loss. Now we are throwing away perfectly good flooring to avoid mold. it is a durable product but water losses suck. Period.
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    Well, Family Trip To Disneyland Next Week...Tips, Pointers?

    Prepare yourself for sticker shock and sad savings account on drive home. The feeling is remarkably similar to kicking a rod on your racing engine. But what the hell! The kids are only young once, and screw Dave Ramsey.
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    Beware family boating video

    That was great. As mentioned earlier, thanks for sharing! Enjoy raising your kids at the river/lake. We did with ours who are now college aged and they still join us every chance they get. Keeps a family strong and bonded.