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    Social distancing at its finest !

    was expecting you to post some pics of jet boats getting gapped hard by some flats
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    haha i miss the old hotboat days. Simpler time before the Chinese virus , i mean Chinese spammers
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    Thank you price gougers!

    I'm kinda feeling the same way here... Why can I buy a beer at the liquor store for $2.50 but its $14 right across the street in Angels Stadium? We dont seem to have a problem with that 400% increase in price. No one is stealing their beer to redistribute it. Seems like a simple case of supply...
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    Anyone hearing from?

    pretty sure @DILLIGAF took delivery of his trailer and was heading out on the road
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    Vacation Rental owners - COVID impact

    totally understandable. the daily rates are much better with your normal vacation 3-7day rental. My biggest concern was the wear and tear on the house, not the money (paid off) though, and our neighbors. We have 4 full time residents in our cul-de-sac and I dont want to put them through the crazy.
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    "Go" or "No Go" Survey

    I think you should go, i'm heading out Tuesday or Wednesday of next week I think. I wont have a boat out there, but I just need a change of scenery
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    Thinking about running rdp masks..

    instead of the US flag, do you think we could get a china flag inside of the O with the slash through it (whatever you call it, but like ghostbusters) and have it say chinese virus on it?
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    Thinking about running rdp masks..

    what could go wrong?
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    Vacation Rental owners - COVID impact

    we only do the snowbird deal, had someone in there from Nov-March this year, and they just gave us the deposit on Nov-March for next year.
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    Henry .44 mag or .357 model?

    i'm with the guys on this one, after years of collecting odd ball calibers, i've really gotten into standardizing on a few calibers for my sanity and wallet. all that aside, 357mag is roughly 30c a round, and 44mag is about 42c a round in todays prices.
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    April fools day?

    Holy shit, 339 unread texts?
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    10' Schiada...Seems like a decent deal.

    whats the old saying... "for the discerning gentleman who has everything"
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    Iguana Marine has openings

    see now you're assuming i have enough horsepower to get it up on the plates and hang some fin.
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    TZ350 footage

    haha I'll play! If work mellows out here i'll knock the dust off my KX500 and we can terrorize the hood.
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    Iguana Marine has openings

    seems like it is hard to find good reliable service shops these days, so thats a plus. I was just curious about the keel idea, if you spray it on thick enough it should hold up decently.
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    Iguana Marine has openings

    so they're spraying on line-x on your keel? at least i'll have an excuse why my boat is so slow!
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    New wheels for the vector

    looks sharp, i never really was all that into all white interior but its really growing on me i think. Who did the work?
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    River Dave for Havasu Mayor?

    shit..... all you clowns are just LOOKIN to get banned from Havasu aren't you! I can picture it now, getting a two week ban from havasu because I yelled at some snowbird for being a jackass at the gas pump and taking up 2 spots.
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    Missing Desert Storm?

    pretty sure this just makes me miss it more...
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    Handmade boots, I had no idea....

    Its funny how well a pair of quality boots can last. I never quite understood coming from a tennis / skate shoe world. I bout my first pair of Redwing Heritage maybe 8 years ago and they are still going strong. I have not even had to resole the original yet since I grabbed a second pair, in a...