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  1. Sharp Shooter

    La Verne Cool Cruise and Rotolo Chevrolet Car pics. 9/11/2021

    Great turnout at the Cool Cruise in spite of 90+ heat!
  2. Sharp Shooter

    The Knife Edge

    *Warning* this is a little graphic.
  3. Sharp Shooter

    (Video) The Pomona Swap meet is back!

    Since this was the 1st swap meet since Covid and it sold out, I grabbed the video camera and ran down to the Fairplex at 5:30 am. I wanted to shoot arrivals primarily. I must have had 4 or 5 people yell Sharp shooter at me and I have no idea who they were. lol Nice to meet you and your wife...
  4. Sharp Shooter

    The Hobbit by Krazy Kolors

    Chuck Boyd wanted to circle race his flat bottom boat in the late 60's. The classes available were Super stock (427 ci) SK (400 ci) and E (small block). None of those classes allowed larger engines or superchargers which is what Chuck wanted to race with. So Chuck got with Steve Earl and a few...
  5. Sharp Shooter

    2005 DCB Mach 26

    Mach 26 open bow, great boat serviced every year. 99k obo Boat is in Parker. Brent (951) 544-2172
  6. Sharp Shooter

    POL Cruise and Autocross

    Watching these guys autocross makes you want to try it. It's got to be fun! Thanks for watching!
  7. Sharp Shooter

    Qruisin PCH- Huntington to Long Beach (Quarantine Cruise 17)

    I left the video camera at home this time and rolled down to the Quarantine Cruise 17 this morning with my buddy Scott in his Merc. Arrived at Huntington Beach Sports Complex about 7:00 am then drove PCH to Rosies Dog beach in Long Beach for the duration. Here's a few pics for the RDP gear...
  8. Sharp Shooter

    LS Fanboys, please stop making me hate LS engines

    This dude is right on the money! :p
  9. Sharp Shooter

    I caught Kevin Hart at the Quarantine Cruise

    My first time there and the quantity and quality of cars was incred! I think I'll leave the camera at home next month and cruise it! Kevin is at 28:37 Thanks for watching! This entire rig was nuts!
  10. Sharp Shooter

    Hot Rod Donut Shop

    I shot this short video this morning. These are guys I've known for years, but never put on video. They don't go to the bigger shows that I normally shoot. Tomorrow I'm planning to get a ton of video at the quarantine cruise. Anybody going?
  11. Sharp Shooter

    Any Mopar Fans in here?

    I normally see 3-5 Mopars at the average car show so seeing 200 in one place was pretty cool! Thanks for watching!
  12. Sharp Shooter

    Car Show - J&M Speed Center Riverside

    They had their annual Car show/swap meet this morning. It was cool to see Walker Evans in attendance and his crazy truck. 👍
  13. Sharp Shooter

    Bad Ass Hot Rods in Norco today!

    Norco Bob's Big Boy.
  14. Sharp Shooter

    SoCal Car Show today!

    Great turnout in Fontana today. Everybody's itching to get back normal.
  15. Sharp Shooter

    Vaccine Yes or No (place your vote)

    Just curious where everybody stands.
  16. Sharp Shooter

    Weekend Paradise V-Drives 2021 Video

    Thanks for watching! I had fun shooting this. Weekend Paradise V Drives New Years Day 2021 - YouTube
  17. Sharp Shooter

    Keeping it Old School! No LS Swap for me.

    I’ve got a Chevelle that needs some love. I’m long overdue with this, but decided it was time for a new engine. I know how much everyone loves an LS swap, but I just couldn’t do that to a factory big block car even if it’s not numbers matching. I never had the original engine for this car. I...
  18. Sharp Shooter

    1975 Biesemeyer Super Flat bottom

    Year: 1975 Built and sold by: Arizona Ski Boats - Julian Pettingill Make: Biesemeyer Model: (Race Deck) Super flat bottom Length: 18 Engine: 460 Blown Alcohol Chevy by Pfaff Racing Engines Propulsion: Propeller via v-drive Prop: 806 Menkins (Julian Prop) 11 1/2 X 15 -18 degree Top speed...
  19. Sharp Shooter

    South OC Cars and Coffee

    My first time checking this out and my first car show and shoot since Covid. It was great to see so many people out having fun. Also, cool to see a bunch of Exotic cars that I normally only view up close at C&C Motorsports. As the these cars came and went I thought, I wonder if there's a...
  20. Sharp Shooter

    Hey RVRKID!

    My neighbor would like to know what is the biggest tire he can put under his stock 2020 2500 Silverado? Also, are you one of the Strangio’s?