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  1. Swain

    2007 cheetah fast cat

  2. Swain


    Good looking boat.
  3. Swain

    LOTO 2021 with DCB

    Now were talking....
  4. Swain

    LOTO 2021 with DCB

    Tony, Has anyone ran the M35 that is like a Purple Blue, that's for sale out there? Named Top Secret? I bet that thing is nuts with the 1550's.
  5. Swain

    GMC Dealer

    Costa Mesa GMC Jay Photoglou hooks it up and is easy he is in VIP Sales 714-552-0300
  6. Swain

    Need to ship a motorcycle to Estonia.

    We use KIWI Shipping for alot of different stuff Ask For Matt tell him Jason From Budnik Wheels sent you Matt Cable Kiwi Shipping 14201 Halldale Ave, Suite 5494 Gardena CA 90249-2631 VOICE/SMS/MMS: +1 (562) 246-6621 Mob: 818-588-0590 matt.cable@kiwishipping.co.nz Facebook
  7. Swain


    Just started it last night, Pretty good so far.
  8. Swain

    Screen print for T's

    Vinnie at Graphic Ink In Huntington Beach. He is also on here. https://www.graphicink.org/
  9. Swain

    So I’m putting together a 270

    Beefy trailer. Must be the first V bottom tilt JK :cool:
  10. Swain

    [WTS] 1964 Chevy C10

    $ 70k OBO
  11. Swain

    [WTS] 2018 Jeep Trackhawk - SOLD

    Where you located?
  12. Swain

    Loss of smell

    I got it 2 weeks ago back at work today. My symptoms were body aches and sweats. I also get tired around 7/8pm and cant stay up much later. Lost my taste and smell, when I eat something it just tastes very salty.
  13. Swain

    [WTS] 2 Cole Swindell Tickets Costa Mesa Tomorrow

    2 tickets available section 7 row L $ 120 for the two 714-345-3865 cell
  14. Swain

    Funny, River Dave .....

  15. Swain

    Strange Cancun story.

    My wife and I went there 12 years ago. Stayed at Dreams got deadly sick, never will go back to Cancun Sh*t hole ever.
  16. Swain

    High school kids

    My Son is about 5'6' these kids that did it are over 6' I think its just pranks but the egging is pissing me off I heard a lot of the kids its happening to as well. My buddy is going to run the plates today and get me the parents address Also the Football Coach I know so he is aware.
  17. Swain

    High school kids

    Soon as I get that address. Those parents are gunna be in for a treat.
  18. Swain

    High school kids

    running the plates tomorrow for his home address
  19. Swain

    High school kids

    found it in the trash they threw over my wall with the toilet paper. Raising canes writes the car and time of the order on the receipt. Then two days ago I saw the blue SUV drive off right when they threw the eggs. Even have the last 4 of his Visa number on it