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  1. JB in so cal

    The people of Del Taco Barstow

    he's hot boxing himself!
  2. JB in so cal

    Whats up with Ford

    Was just at the Ford dealer in San juan. Showroom had a 150 xlt for $60k msrp with a $5k dealer markup and a 250 lariat for $77k msrp with a $10k markup.
  3. JB in so cal

    SSSS anyone going this year?

    Is that Bigfoot?
  4. JB in so cal

    Thread with regard to Chris

    For the dumb people or non FB. Huh?
  5. JB in so cal

    Sold the old homestead

    Holy crap, Steve! That's going back!!
  6. JB in so cal

    Lance campers...

    Pricing does seem high with a slide in but remember there's everything in it that goes in a Motor Home - fridge, heater, stove, slides, etc
  7. JB in so cal

    Somebody’s Gonna Get Fired

    That was a target rich environment. He couldn't resist!!!
  8. JB in so cal

    Plane crash Lake Havasu

    Maybe flat spin? Doesn't look like the brush is disturbed behind the wreckage. RIP
  9. JB in so cal

    Cross country trip....

    Living the dream.
  10. JB in so cal

    Further division…F U Biden

    haven't found anything yet
  11. JB in so cal

    I go to open the garage door at the lake…

    Fire insurance should cover everything
  12. JB in so cal

    What was 9/11/01 like for the only American on the space station?

  13. JB in so cal

    Tales of an Attitude toyhauler

    Dehydration maybe?
  14. JB in so cal

    Sand Sports Super Show (The SXS show) - What are you going to buy there?

    I'm hoping to buy a Speed 4 passenger super duper vehicle! They're gonna have a bunch to choose from... I want a blue one!
  15. JB in so cal

    NFL Football starts tonight! Call your shots now!

    anybody else getting bad audio from nbc? Like none except background.
  16. JB in so cal

    “Professionals” ripping people off…

    Anybody seen a hospital bill lately... 😄😄
  17. JB in so cal

    Labor Day Road Traffic

    Home in 5 hours and fen minutes travel time
  18. JB in so cal

    Labor Day Road Traffic

    Left Havasu at 2:45 and got home to mission Viejo in 5:10. Best time this year! Go figure. Just watched local news saying beaches weren't very busy....hmmm. No more extra checks? 180 day free financing coming due? Whatever it was, it was very welcome.
  19. JB in so cal

    New Pool Filter

    I've been trying to get half a dozen customers to replace the stain less stuff but I keep fixing them lol
  20. JB in so cal

    Doing something I said I would never do

    He'd have to get a bigger boat!