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  1. Dan Lorenze

    Bill Maher gets schooled by Dan Crenshaw

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    Joe Rogan on Joe Biden

  3. Dan Lorenze

    Jonathan Turley- Law Professor, liberal.. On Impeachment

    He's now getting hammered by his own people.
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    Not a political thread, doesn't belong in P&G section.
  5. Dan Lorenze

    What is your opinion on this boat, good buy?

  6. Dan Lorenze

    Trailer length on Eliminator Daytona

    I have a fondness for the Eliminator Daytona 25'. But my situation is that I have 29' of RV access on the side of my house and the size of the Daytona's trailers about 30-31 feet. Is there anything that can be done to a cats trailer to make it more friendly for storage? thx
  7. Dan Lorenze

    My 2018 Alaska trip

    My Dad and I rode our motorcycles from Seattle to Deadhorse/Prudehoe Bay this summer. We had such a great time.
  8. Dan Lorenze

    Hillary won't go away

    Why don't the Clintons take their millions and retire? Just go! Stop the nonsense, we get it, you should have won. The election was rigged, the debates were rigged, you took down Bernie. You did everything in your power to win the election. But you're a liar and not everyone believed you, you...
  9. Dan Lorenze

    Tulsa Liquor store robbery

    These ladies did a great job on defending themselves. Maybe it's time for more stopping power to protect themselves better from a scumbag with a sawed off shotgun.
  10. Dan Lorenze

    "This is Armageddon"....

    And just like that, democrats are now concerned about the national debt and high taxes.. What a freaking joke! Spin in however you want, honey.
  11. Dan Lorenze

    Brush on Chrome

  12. Dan Lorenze

    Bill Clinton sums up North Korea..

  13. Dan Lorenze

    There's a new Sheriff in town..

    Best election ever... Loving the hate... Bring it, Snowflakes... Time to get back to work, 8 more years :thumbsup
  14. Dan Lorenze

    Closed Escrow in Newbury Park

    The new bachelor pad complete with RV access Very happy to be done with the loan process. lol Any inmates near me in NP? Just starting to shop for my next boat. Can't wait to get on the water again. :thumbup:
  15. Dan Lorenze

    My future ex wife...

    I'm hoping Vin didn't go to Coachella... https://youtu.be/qwDESdN3Azc
  16. Dan Lorenze

    Eliminator Daytona on Craigslist

    Seems like a lot of boat for 30k. No? Not sure the year, could be older, but still. Eliminator Daytona 27 Twin supercharged big blocks 1200+HP 150 Hours http://ventura.craigslist.org/boa/4620554026.html
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    Nice garage... http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/boa/4450288724.html
  18. Dan Lorenze

    21' Eliminator Deck boat?

    I had no idea Eliminator made their own version of the TPR/Ultra deck boat.. Any more info on this boat? http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/boa/4411612790.html
  19. Dan Lorenze