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  1. JB in so cal

    What was 9/11/01 like for the only American on the space station?

  2. JB in so cal

    Labor Day Road Traffic

    Left Havasu at 2:45 and got home to mission Viejo in 5:10. Best time this year! Go figure. Just watched local news saying beaches weren't very busy....hmmm. No more extra checks? 180 day free financing coming due? Whatever it was, it was very welcome.
  3. JB in so cal

    Pendleton is booming!

    Lots of rounds being sent downrange. Getting ready for something
  4. JB in so cal

    Important shit right here!! Need opinions. Life altering! (Beer)

    Anyone try Coors Pure?
  5. JB in so cal


    We got hammered today going through Erinburgh. Holy crap! I caught my limit!
  6. JB in so cal

    Horrible weekend for the desert area

    Multiple deaths in the water, road and in so cal. For fux sake!! This shit is supposed to be fun and you're suppose to go home at the end of the day. Don't be in a hurry. put on seat belts; Use a floaty; be smart and don't panic. Damn. Sad
  7. JB in so cal

    Parker is about to wet!

    Might even hit the ground https://www.wunderground.com/weather/US/CA/Parker-Dam
  8. JB in so cal

    Just saw this on this on the lot at Capistrano Ford. Crazy covid used truck pricing!!!

  9. JB in so cal

    I think he'd had enough of drunks....

  10. JB in so cal

    Hey! The Lake Havasu Boat Show....

    Was a month ago....just sayin
  11. JB in so cal

    Pursuit on knbc LA. Lights off, ADW suspect

  12. JB in so cal

    SOLD Bravo 1 24” RH prop $450

    Never put it on the boat; had as a spare. Bought used and it’s still used. I’m in Mission Viejo and I’ll be in Havasu for DS. Padded prop bag included.
  13. JB in so cal

    Departure times from Havasu on sundays 10 vs. 40 and why

    We left Sunday at 9:30 and took 6:10 to get home to South oc. Thinking desert storm worse. Leave at 5:00 PM and should be 5 hours home.
  14. JB in so cal

    Cart batteries

    I'm assuming via search here that Costco 6 volts are the best deal stilll. Unless I'm missing a smoking offer somewhere: $99 each less core charge of $15.
  15. JB in so cal

    Grads i dont get your act

    You're sick or you arent. Can't possibly go on RDP anymore so you supposedly ask Dave to ban you. Somethings not wired right in your head. whatever you're spending on therapy is clearly not enough.
  16. JB in so cal

    Tomorrow! Ground Breaking! No Holds Barred! No Questions unanswered!!!!

    Jae Bi-den on with Stephanopoulos tomorrow. Hard hitting questions like: your favorite color? Do you like spring time? Is air good? Gravity: tell me your thoughts. Are regular bowel movements overrated?