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  1. 74 spectra20 v-drive


    My Nephew sends me a text today "Hey, can I borrow $325,000, it's for my Dad" that would be my Brother... Well, I get back and ask if everything is ok? then another text comes over with some pictures of a 69' Boss 429 Mustang. It's my Brothers old car that he had to sell in 09', right after...
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    My Dad turned 86 last August and he is starting to part with stuff... he has a huge shop and cabinets full of anything and everything. My last trip up there he asked that I take a few tools and this set of wrenches was in it. The first time I ever saw these was in 97' and I used them in a...
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    65 El Camino

    I have owned this car since 1985, my Uncle Don who bought this brand new in 65' gave it to me when he moved to WA. It was a cool high school cruiser, at the time it had a 400 Pontiac out of a 69 GTO (Salvage yards were awesome back in the day) and was obnoxiously loud. I started to restore...
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    So how long has this really been going on?

    I was listening to a gent this morning out of the Portland area, he is a scientist at one of the big Oregon colleges. His comments were, as many others have been, that the statistics just don't add up surrounding the Presidential votes in those oh so important swing states. As I think we all...
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    Roofer needed in Visalia CA

    Looking for a roofer in Visalia, second story with shake (sp?) roof. Cliff 562-879-9508
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    Sacramento Delta Camping - Skiing

    Looking to spend a week on the Delta next year, we have stayed at Turner Cut Resort before but the Launch ramp was friggin crazy and I didn't like being in a bowl, had a great time and the place was nice but... We are looking to tent camp or rent a cottage or bungalow so we can be close to the...
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    Need Ford 351 Cleveland exhaust logs

    Have a buddy putting a 66' Miller flat together try to keep everything Ford to match his Dads 66 Ford Pick up. If anyone has any 351 marine parts please PM me. Thanks
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    WTS - Glass Bucket seats

    I have a pair of Glass Bucket seats for sales, great shape selling because we put back to back buckets in. $400 OBO
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    Towing in the Car Pool lane!

    Not sure why but this just pisses me off every time I see this, and this dumb ass is just looking for an accident. Suburban is no way set up to tow this trailer and he is hauling ass down the car pool lane at 5:30 on a Friday night.
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    Cost for small home addition plans

    The city of Long Beach has changed zoning regulations and I am now able to put a second story on my garage. We are limited to 800sq ft. so its not huge. I will do the build my self and was looking for a guy to draw plans for me to get thru the city. We met with an architect, explained what we...
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    I thought I would post some pictures of a 72 Sanger 17' 10" I was working on this past year. A family friend bought this boat last year and its a cool little runner but she didn't like the headers and it was getting hot and and and… and yes I said She, this is a cool lady that owns this boat...
  12. 74 spectra20 v-drive

    Power Glide cooling

    I have a friend that just picked up a 72 Sanger, runs a 440 with a power glide. I was looking at the boat and there are no fluid lines off the trans at all, every things was plugged. I read that you could do this with a power glide by running a specific bypass valve, I have a couple questions...
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    (WTS) BBC GN IV Rewarder Headers - Water injected - Coated

    A friend just bought a 73 Sanger and wants to dump the Headers and go thru the transom. Headers look to have very little run time on them. Rewarder Headers OD on tubs in 2.25 Water injected and come with all the hard lines and ball valve Mufflers look new, just black as motor looks to have been...
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    [WTB] 72C Velvet Drive Transmission

    Thanks Guys, ended up with two units! grabbed one for a spare just in case. Looking for a used 72C Velvet Drive for a friend, need BBC bell housing as well. if you have anything you are looking to sell please let me know. Thanks!
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    PARKER RIVER RENTAL. Does anyone have one?

    Looking at renting a house on the water and before I booked it, I wanted to find out if anyone on this site owned a rental in Parker. looking at November 1 thru November 4.
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    Pirates Cove: River info

    I was able to persuade my HR folks that a "river meeting" would be safe and fun for my team. I am headed to Pirates Cover the first week in June but I have only been on this part of the river years ago as a kid. My "River" time has always been at Parker, so I am looking for any insights /...
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    Rest in Peace Ken Meyers B&K Boats

    its with a very sad heart that I start this post as we lost a great man this morning. To so many people Kenny was a great friend and even though he was an only child he was an Uncle to dozens of us and of course to a very special group he was Dad and Grandpa! I have so many...
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    Holley carb Banjo fittings flow

    So I am plumbing my day cruiser and running into more of a cosmetic issue than anything and I have a question. engine is a mild 496 with tunnel ram and two 600's mechanical single feed Holleys. I am running them in line and was planning on using a straight an adapter fitting to a 90 hose end...
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    Looking for Block Wall guy in Long Beach

    Looking to put up block wall in Long Beach, residential area about 250'. Any contacts would be appreciated!
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    Need a little Help

    I am posting this for a local (SoCal) Powder Coating and Chrome shop, I have no connection here other that he does a great job and I would love to see him thrive. Kings Powder Coating - Polishing & Chrome in Placentia CA does a great job, I have had Trailer Fenders completely re-done, I had...