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  1. Dan Lorenze

    I lost my best friend of 38yrs tonight

    I'm sorry for your loss..
  2. Dan Lorenze

    Breakfast in Vegas

    My typical Vegas breakfast is a Bloody Mary.. 🤙🏼
  3. Dan Lorenze

    Teacher sex-Hava Teacher

    I would not hit it...
  4. Dan Lorenze

    Alec Baldwin

    I've worked with Alec Baldwin on a few shows, he's actually not a bad guy to work with, was always cool on set. The guy can barely walk, he's pretty jacked up. Yeah, there are lots of producers. Executive Producers, Line Producers, Associate Producers etc... Hiring the crew is mostly done by...
  5. Dan Lorenze

    Alec Baldwin

    Good point, I would also never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger regardless of the round unless I had to, that's just the way I am and I wouldn't trust the Armorer. Why Baldwin aimed and shot the DP is most likely for the shot, the director will want a clean shot of the barrel of the...
  6. Dan Lorenze

    Alec Baldwin

    But this happened on a movie set where they had a person responsible for the guns and ammo, Baldwin was just an Actor/Producer on the project. It totally falls on the Armorer to do their job, and she totally fucked it up. Baldwin is a knucklehead but ultimately I don't believe it's his fault...
  7. Dan Lorenze

    Shots fired at trump

  8. Dan Lorenze

    Alec Baldwin

    I think so too..
  9. Dan Lorenze

    Dr. Ruth The Sex Guru Died

    She was a really cool lady.. RIP
  10. Dan Lorenze

    Roller Skating…..

  11. Dan Lorenze

    New Boat - Exotic Car Ski - Might be fun for the baller!

    I've seen these as rentals.. Not a bad idea for a business..
  12. Dan Lorenze

    good morning inmates

    Morning party people... Summer is in full affect, gonna be a warm one..
  13. Dan Lorenze

    Happy birthday Stacy!!

    Happy Birthday
  14. Dan Lorenze

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    "The Wet Kuder" That was my neighbors boat, Kenny Kuder lol..
  15. Dan Lorenze

    Be careful at Padres games!!!

    Sucks.. Sorry that happened to you..
  16. Dan Lorenze

    Damn This Weekend Gonna Be HOT!!!

    Not sure I'll even get the AC going this Summer, the windows cool things down nicely. So far it's been a great Summer in Socal..
  17. Dan Lorenze

    Watch guys?

    Never been impressed with "Bobs watches" prices.. You can find better deals on Chrono24
  18. Dan Lorenze

    Watch guys?

  19. Dan Lorenze

    Watch guys?

    As far as the GMT Pepsi, that price sounds like a steel variant coming from the gray market and not an AD.. That's a big markup. A 45k GMT is probably a gold variant also coming from the gray market and not an AD. Very difficult to find GMT's Daytona's and Sub's from an AD unless you're a good...
  20. Dan Lorenze

    Pool Vacuum Robots

    I've spent a lot of time with the Hayward Navigator.. They're actually not that bad but their feet and wings get worn out quickly on a pebble surface. But since you bring up pressure, I hear ya.. I sometimes I think that too with my pool and system. But when my DE filter is totally clean and...