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  1. havasu5150

    Life Flight/Medevac - Havasu to Phoenix Children's Hospital

    Tough read.....RIP little one. Thoughts and Prayers to the Family
  2. havasu5150

    Eliminator Boats 1986

    A friend of mine had an 84 Eliminator 21ft Mohave, 350 with an Alpha dr. His Dad bought it new from Eliminator. t had the common red fades of the mid 80's That was my first boating experience in the mid 80's. back then it was one of the nicest boats on the lake. He traded it in in the...
  3. havasu5150

    Mandatory AZ Offroad Safety Course

    It may very well apply. I would also wager that a "boater license isn't far behind.
  4. havasu5150

    What Cruise Line to Take

  5. havasu5150

    Mandatory AZ Offroad Safety Course

    Sine Kerr is from Buckeye and is part of a ranching/farming family.
  6. havasu5150

    What Cruise Line to Take

    We just got back from an Alaskan Cruise on Royal Carribean Quantum of the Seas. It was fantastic. As others have said, get a balcony room. Drink packages completely depend on your drinking levels. Double occupancy cabin BOTH occupants must have the drink package, so that just didn't pencil...
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    Who Remembers The Great Temecula Tractor Race?

    The Temecula Tractor Race was a great event. My buddy ran it for a few years with a contraption he built called BassAkwards, took the bed off of a 76 Datsun pick-up and put a 351 Cleveland behind the cab. thru a PTO from a military 6x6 into a ford 9-inch rear end. He won his class every...
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    Secretly recording conversations at work

    I had a couple of employees that would turn their cell phones on to record private conversations with me in my office. Once I found out, I would request them to turn their cell phones off and put them on my desk. It they didn't wish to comply; the conversation was over. Not that I was saying...
  9. havasu5150

    Has this happened to you?

    I got rear ended on the freeway once, the lady who hit me had a honda civic. pretty much taco'd the front end around my hitch
  10. havasu5150

    The Battle at Riveria- then to Jail

    nope Nope, still a paywall, or it is now. thanks to whomever postied a version I could read.
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    RDP Member Ace in the Hole needs trailer tire blowout help in Hope!!!

    2 years ago, I blew a clutch slave cylinder on the way home from Havasu on the 60 near Hope. Got towed to Cactus Dons and had to wait until another tow truck driver was in the area. Had a few beers and some tacos then towed all the way to Buckeye. Truck on the rollback, boat behind it...
  12. havasu5150

    Rusty and Ultra

    Same with my Conquest
  13. havasu5150

    RDP’s new float for 2024!

    Nice boat Dave. Enjoy!
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    Memorial Day Weekend Plans

    I saw you guys flying yesterday as I was launching. I will be working all weekend. Probably walk the channel on Saturday after I get off. Boated yesterday, very much the calm before the storm. Saw a herd of 14 mountain sheep in steamboat. Nice day on the water.
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    Retro Ads Were The Best

    I had this poster in my garage
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    Red Markers at mouth of the river

    I thought that may be the case, they threw me off a bit as I approached reed island from the lake. Took the usual line with no issues. Seems a little more clearly defined as you approach from the river.
  17. havasu5150

    Red Markers at mouth of the river

    This may be a Vin, but does anyone know what the red markers are for near the reed Island at the mouth of the river? They are not 'official" hazard markers or informational markers as far as I can tell.
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    Pool Time

    however, DO NOT leave the umbrella in it for an extended period of time
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    Lets just bring all of Hamas into America...

    and saw where 80% were flown into Florida......coincidence?? I dont think so