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    Big Boat Shopping

    What's the top speed with 400s I think it was low to mid 90s with the 300s.
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    Pool Vacuum Robots

    I have this guy a Polaris Maxx. Works great. Won't do stairs but it will crawl itself up out of the pool if I turn the pump up to high. It has brushes that scrub the walls. I'm happy. Wish I hadn't switched to chlorine tabs during COVID when I couldn't find liquid chlorine though. Now my cya...
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    Day 13...

    Damn. My boy just went through an ear infection that was pretty bad for a week lots of long nights ear drops and oral antibiotics. But this sounds awful. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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    I just picked up a pair of JBL 62's. I love them. I have a pair of infinity overture 2 towers. One has a bad amp that I need to figure out how to replace. Im always on the look out for new speakers. My wife says I have a problem...
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    Louisiana 1st state to pass religion in classroom.

    When I first saw this story I read restroom not classroom. I thought to myself that's interesting they are putting the ten commandments up in all restrooms... Not a bad place for it really gotta look at something while you have your dick in your hand but isn't that kinda sacrilegious? Then I...
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    Is fisker the next million dollar maker

    Wonder if you could take the battery and motor out of a no value fisker and drop it in a Honda crx and melt some tires...
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    Vintage Babe Thread

    Joi lansing
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    Need Contractor Info for Alumawood Patio cover !!

    I'm getting an error when I try and open your site: This site can’t provide a secure connection 4kaluminum.com sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR Just tore down our 40 year old wood one last weekend.
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    Fire Hydrants Now?!!!

    Reminds me of when they started installing aluminum light posts in Florida to reduce traffic fatalities Guys would knock them over with their truck then throw them in the bed and take them to the recycler.
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    Any Inmates Admit It?

    Mayhem was my favorite Halloween costume ever. Whenever someone asked "Who are you?" There was another answer "I'm the perfect 10 jogging, im a random windstorm Shakey Shakey, I'm a raccoon and this time in your attic has been the best week in my raccoon life."
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    8D Audio

    About 10 years ago or so Disneyland incorporated something similar into great moments with Mr Lincoln with headphones. It was short lived but pretty cool. Part of it was a haircut and my wife freaked out she hated it. The future for home audio immersive surround sound is pretty cool.
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    Trump trial

    Our legal system is jacked. A jury of Donald Trump's peers would not need a full page of instructions telling them what the word infer means with examples.
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    Memorial Day Accidents

    Good job! Hallett 300 with triple outboards?
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    Ugliest Big Rig I’ve Ever Seen

    Elon loves 80s pop culture. This is his ode to the delorean.
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    RDP’s new float for 2024!

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    "Magic Carpet" down Iran

    if Israel called the ball on this asshole they better hope there is no evidence left behind or this could turn into this centuries Franz ferdinand. Even if they didn't do it they will probably still get blamed. Would be nice if this ushers in change in the region.
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    Lake Powell Today

    Looks amazing. Itching to get back.