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    Issue with city of norco

    I'm making the first of attempts to build a detached shop on my property. I'd like a 36x27 on a peice of property that's 240' x80'. They're telling me that I must keep 60% of my yard open for animal use. They refer to it as paka. Primary animal keeping area. Slope is not counted , only flat...
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    More questions for sparkys!

    Seems to be a great interest in electric here and always lots of feedback so figured this would be a great place to ask. I have an existing 200a panel at home and am putting together a plan to build a shop behind the house here in norco ca. Shop will be about 100' away from house. I'm assuming...
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    Parker 400

    Anyone going? Swing by gn810 and say hello if so
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    Late model hemi experts?

    Hemi tick attacked me on the ram! Took forever to diagnose lol. Anyway nobody seems to be experts on these darn deals. Had 2 mechanics turn the job down because it's to much work lol. Do I just go to dodge for replacement parts? The plastic yoke on lifters bothers me. Lifter failure either in...
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    Aluminum bbc perf heads?

    Hurt the heads on our boat over the weekend and would like to replace with better performing aluminum ones. Strictly go fast , race gas type deal mainly used for the parker 400. 118 or less cc combustion chamber and 340 or so intake runner. Already priced them new of jegs and summit, but we are...
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    The homeless suck

    Wife is pulling into the parking lot at work last week in riverside(Kaiser) and this crazed homeless guy charges outta the bushes and fast pitches a rock into her car! Right before this he had been at social services office where he grabbed one of the ladies computer off her desk and threw it at...
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    Quick day trip

    Hit elsinore for a day trip with the boats. They have got the la laguna area cleaned up really nice! Guy said they spent 15 million bucks on it! Nice pro shop, bar, pool ,eat shack. Rv spots look really nice. Also had a collection of airstream trailers that it looked like one could rent. Boats...
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    Active shooter at costco

    Someone cut bumped into for the last time at corona Costco today
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    Time to try a new prop

    I gotta try this
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    Need some vdrive gears!

    Anybody have some 12 degree 22's I can try? I'm going through a laundry list to make the eagle handle better /go faster and gears are a longshot but need to be tried. Trying to keep from having to buy new ones as we arent really sure it's going to do the trick.
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    Almost boating time!

    New 5 blade from hill propellers , new fire extinguishers in both boats, had some time to kill at work couple weeks back so knocked out the boater card dealio, and detailed! Easter weekend in parker kicks off the season for us!
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    Shell casings

    Found these sweet shell casings on the ground on a jobsite I'm on!
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    Hot ones

    If you guys haven't watched hot ones on youtube you arent having a good time in life. How awesome would it be for riverdave to interview either people in the industry or well known people from board under similar circumstances??
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    Drive wedge?

    I was told today that I could benefit by putting a drive wedge on our 20 spectra. I cannot find said wedge in my Google adventures. Anybody know where to look? Also does anyone have any experience with the wedges?
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    Steering cable loose on bravo

    This coupling nut on steering cable keeps coming loose ! It actually came off 3 trips ago so I unbolted the exhaust , loctited, and tightened it up. Used it twice last season. While doing maintenance today I noticed its loose again!! I put vise grips on the opposite end and tightened it again...
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    Sunoco 110

    I've been out of he game for awhile and need some barrels of 110 for the Howard. I know southern counties in orange sells it but they're a bit spendy. I'm in socal. Any suggestions?
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    Bimini pole material

    I'm ditching the straps and tig welding the ends on the new "struts". Since I'm going to do all that I'd like to make the whole top 3 inches wider to fit boat better. It originally came off another boat and kinda fit. Where can I buy sticks of this stuff in stainless 7/8 o.d in socal??? I'm...
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    Topok bar/ grill

    Taking the boats out may 18th for performance boat rally. Topock bar will be one of the stops and I've never stopped there. The Howard is a vdrive with no transmission or cleats. Is there a spot there for boat like this?
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    Rv beach camping?

    Anyone have any suggestions on best spot for a weekend type trip on socal beaches? We have a 30' 5th wheel , would prefer to be plugged in. We did campland last year and really liked it (we have 2 daughters 6 and 8) but is was a bit far . Seal beach looked cool but website says no popouts.
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    Rv roof question

    Got this 5th wheel that wont seem to sell so I'm going to keep it and store down at the river as a sweet river pad now! I crawled up on the roof to inspect before a possible sale and found this!!! It's not leaking inside and roof feels solid to walk on. Can I scrub it , dry it with a leaf blower...