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  1. cicchetti_24

    Tilly’s connection

    What’s up everyone been awhile hope all is well. I need a contact at Tilly’s for a good friend of mine looking to buy a new boat for the lake house out by Bakersfield. Thanks Anthony Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. cicchetti_24

    210 motorcycle wearing RD shirt

    Who passed me at Osborne going west???
  3. cicchetti_24

    HTM Lake Legends Regatta 2018

    So we are working out the details on dates for the first annual HTM lake Legends. We've received a lot of positive feed back and major support from not only Lia and the girls, but also from fellow owners and fans of our brand. So I wanted to post this up in case we have other owners who are NOT...
  4. cicchetti_24

    Contractor LHC

    Anyone have a contractor who will take on small jobs in Havasu? My buddy has a leak from the rain and I think the ac unit and it's leaking. He can explain it better, but is having issues with finding someone willing to take on a small job and take him for a ride. He's had 1 estimate so far.
  5. cicchetti_24

    Looking for another HTM for a friend

    So my buddy Ryan is looking for his dads boat. He found it a year and a half ago but it was sold out of seaside CA to some people in Detroit. So if anyone has a line on it please let me know. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1733038533660333/permalink/1750348048596048/
  6. cicchetti_24

    Boots and Brews SCV

    So I was waiting in line for some beer and a couple of inmates were a few people in front of me. Didn't catch who you guys were. So it made me curious how many of y'all went tonight? It was a good time.
  7. cicchetti_24

    Boots and Brews SCV

    So I was waiting in line for some beer and a couple of inmates were a few people in front of me. Didn't catch who you guys were. So it made me curious how many of y'all went tonight? It was a good time.
  8. cicchetti_24

    Trailer Hubs/Bearings

    Okay maybe I'm just losing my mind, but I recall some guys changing out either the hub or bearing to something else other than the Bearing Buddy can anyone tell me the name of that product? It's suppose to superior correct?
  9. cicchetti_24

    Has anyone ever

    Started their background check (but not actually start it), was told they're carving out your territory only to get a call that they are moving in a different direction? Talk about a waste of time. I did all the assessments met all managers and was given the green light, only to get a phone call...
  10. cicchetti_24

    Friend looking for an HTM

    Hey guys a friend is looking for Chucks aka Mr. pumps HTM last we heard it was in Canada. Does anyone know who has it??
  11. cicchetti_24

    Current Song playing in your truck?

    Ronnie Dunn- That's why they make Jack Daniels Great song
  12. cicchetti_24

    Dog Poop!!!

    This is funny! https://www.facebook.com/RiverKing21/posts/1404728569547216
  13. cicchetti_24

    Lift Kit Parts (FTS)

    So my sway bar end links broke the bolts. One is salvageable but the other is not. So I need to order a new end link. It measures 11 7/8 in length. It's an FTS and they are out of business from what I understand. I believe it's a 7 inch FTS lift on a 09 2500 4x4. Any suggestions?
  14. cicchetti_24

    Booze cruise

  15. cicchetti_24

    WTB- Dump Trailer, I'm taking a chance

    Ok so after the post on Friday and talking it over with friends and family I've decided to go into business for myself. I was a partner in a construction company a few years ago but it was a lot of GC stuff. But my brother and I are going to do demo/clean up etc... and focus our business there...
  16. cicchetti_24

    When life punches you in the face...

    Well... Still tying to wrap my head around it all. I was let go from my job a couple of hours ago. I was told they are shutting my department down and eliminating my position. Totally blindsided me. I have my savings tied up in the cell company that won't go public tell next year. You know...
  17. cicchetti_24

    Ghosts, Spirits and hauntings-Paranormal Experiences?

    Okay so not a real traditional thread but has anyone experienced Ghosts or Spirits or strange sounds? Because my buddy and I just had some crazy paranormal experience. So has anyone ever had a group of The Paranormal experts come in and do some real investigations with EMF or EVP? Totally...
  18. cicchetti_24

    My Football throws (Yoga Pants)

    Thank god for yoga pants... :eek https://youtu.be/QSi7XspFWqg
  19. cicchetti_24

    The fraud is strong with some

    So some know what I do and some do not. I am a finance director for a small loan company, but I also underwrite and design the guidelines. I've been doing underwriting for 14 years now and I am damn good at it. I am very old school, and can read the story in someones credit history, application...
  20. cicchetti_24

    Caliber 1 pHanToM news?

    Any news on the build yet? RD any chance you can get the low down? There are a lot of us very curious about this. Thanks