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  1. OC Mike

    What could go wrong? 18 year old semi truck drivers…

    Makes a lot of sense, providing there is an adequate training period. However, i know nothing about the trucking industry other than I dislike paying for shipping. Which I am sure has had a huge effect on the industry as a whole as so much retail has gone on line and every effort has been made...
  2. OC Mike

    Taco Bell Recycling Program

  3. OC Mike

    Taco Bell Recycling Program

    8 billion lbs sauce packets????? Why do I find that hard to believe......
  4. OC Mike

    1963 Lavey Craft Flatbottom

    Very, very :cool::cool::cool:
  5. OC Mike

    BANNED....So this is for Americans that have taken a stand

    That as beautiful and May God bless her....
  6. OC Mike

    "I hear that train a'comin', it's rollin' round the bend...

    Went with my daughters 8 grade field trip to Sac. Coolest part of the trip. I got so involved the group left me there..... I caught up.... If you are around Old Sac, go there. It's worth it....
  7. OC Mike

    Florida traffic stop turned shootout

    'Evil can't be dead enough.' :cool::cool::cool:
  8. OC Mike

    "I hear that train a'comin', it's rollin' round the bend...

    Complete, mechanical awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OC Mike

    300 Hallett closed bow for sale

  10. OC Mike

    NFL Football starts tonight! Call your shots now!

    The NFL and their wokeness.....
  11. OC Mike

    Shiada advice for Ireland.

    I really have nothing to add or help with. I just wanted to say that I think Schiada build in Ireland is very, very COOL. :cool::cool::cool:
  12. OC Mike

    GenX Headers vs Hurricane Lites

    Anyone have experience with either as replacements on the 'Blue' motors? Is one better than the other?
  13. OC Mike

    Boat Trailer Restoration Help

    Pacific Trailer in Chino Hills has serviced my Extreme well in the past. https://pacifictrailers.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=pacific%20trailers&utm_content=451862870820&utm_campaign=pt-brand-terms
  14. OC Mike

    So much for going to Nacimento

    That is truly a sad sight.
  15. OC Mike

    Distant family turns into non existent...

    Not knowing everything involved or what drama this would cause, I would probably invite them over for a BBQ, or something, just them. Let it be in their court. If they don't respond or accept, you have your answer.
  16. OC Mike

    What’s the song or band that takes you back?

    Yes, i was there. The first that popped into my head was Creedence, then 3 Dog Night, then The Doors.
  17. OC Mike

    They were told NO twice

    Doing more with less. Well Done!!
  18. OC Mike

    Stay Classy Lake Powell!!

    Entertaining as it is, Still not sure who is who in this.
  19. OC Mike

    Tomorrow: A really big dick rides a really big dick...

    Watching it from a non partisan point, I enjoyed it and reveled in the Capitalistic / Entrepreneurial spirit of our GREAT COUNTRY. Now I read he gave away 100m to two guys, one a COMPLETE Cynical, dooschbag Lefty. He has forever tainted this accomplishment.....