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  1. Waterjunky

    Shop Soap

    This is the best I have found: https://www.sunrisenv.com/bomb-shell I have tried many, hands down the best.
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    Flys in the house

    Its easy, I live in an older home in a rural area that's not the desert. Stuff lives around here, if you have any openings in your home, it will move in. Then its very hard to get to move out again. I have closed off most of the "alternative entrances" and will be closing off the remaining...
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    Thread with regard to Chris

  4. Waterjunky

    Flys in the house

    Get a couple of the old school fly tapes and hang them in the problem areas. This is not a permanent thing, just for a week or so. You will decrease the population fairly quickly and get the situation under control. Also don't let the pets near them. They sometimes want to mess with them and...
  5. Waterjunky

    Flys in the house

    I am expecting to have a smell and fly issue in a few days..... The house got tented yesterday, living in the courtyard in the RV. I know I have a few mice and potentially rats in the house. The ground squirrels are going to be a real bonus also. The up side is that once it is all cleaned up...
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    OH SHIT!!!

    Cutoff wheels are great toys until they are not.....
  7. Waterjunky

    Lance campers...

    Yea, they can get heavy real fast. 60 gal fresh, 40 & 40 black /grey, dual large propane tanks, dual batteries...... then your stuff. My guess was always somewhere in the high fives to six for weight.
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    Leaf filters on rain gutters.

    I am running the fine stainless mesh ones from Costco. Been great for the 8 years I've had them. The price was right also.
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    Lance campers...

    Was doing the cabover thing for years up until last year. We had friends who had lances. When they bought them they told us over and over they were just as good as the Arctic Fox that we had. One of us owned it theirs for 8 years and made a grand total of one trip to the dealer for an issue...
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    Guisti’s fire

    Given the restrictions, I will be surprised if they are allowed to build back. Effectively, there is no new construction allowed in the delta. Theoretically possible but incredibly rare.
  11. Waterjunky

    Guisti’s fire

    Just a few miles from my house. Was one of the few places here in the delta to get a decent meal. Its a real shame, such a loss to the family and the community as a whole. Ironically, I have friends and family coming down today and was sending them there for a late lunch.
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    Good morning Inmates

    Hello all; Happy Friday!
  13. Waterjunky

    When she tells you she wants a faster boat dad makes it happen!

    I just about have the 6 year old trained on this kind of thing. Makes getting approval a little easier.
  14. Waterjunky

    Need the right glue...

    This was my thought also....... Although I am going to chase a few of the leads on a proper fitting handle that people have tossed out.
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    My biggest pet peeves

    Kinda sums me up also right there......
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    When you’re really, really unsure of your bike’s reliability..

    I passed someone on a cruiser Monday with a bicycle strapped on the back like that. This was up near Petaluma. Strange indeed.
  17. Waterjunky

    Need the right glue...

    Hello all; I have a GE spacemaker range in my rental. It turns out its an odd ball 27" wide unit that is built in. My tenant managed to break the oven door handle off. I would be happy to replace the entire thing if I could get one at a reasonable price but until I remodel the unit, this...
  18. Waterjunky

    Ok Ok.. Which member(s) is this?

    Whenever I see those glasses I can only think one thing...... Randy Machoman Savage - OOOHHHH YEAAAAAAA He was always sporting something similar.
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    Good morning inmates

    Hello all; Always a struggle to get going after a big weekend.
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    Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

    I'm with you on this. However until the old one dies, the wife has expressly forbidden a chamber from showing up........ The thought has crossed my mind to...... nevermind. :)