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  1. stoker22405

    Coyote's Getting Bold in My Tract

    Invest in a wrist rocket with clay balls....I plucked 3 a couple of weeks ago...Have not seen them since
  2. stoker22405

    looking for an enclosed trailer that doesn't suck

    I will be selling this ATC Toy Hauler at the end of this month,Its been siting for about 12 years,It is currently at a RV shop getting serviced/detailed
  3. stoker22405

    Trump just said take the vaccine because it works.

    GRADS watching a Trump rally......You see the disaster the left is creating and You are a closet Trumper now arent you...
  4. stoker22405

    2015-2019 Gmc Rubber Floor Mats

    Its times like this I wish I had a GMC
  5. stoker22405

    Best Half Ton Truck on the Market?

    Dont know what year you have...But I am pretty sure Ford and Chevy share the same transmission now...You may want to look into that.
  6. stoker22405

    Looking to Buy 20-22' Enclosed Cargo Trailer

    I am on the fence on selling this next month It is a 2006 ATC 28" wedge Toy Hauler,All Aluminum frame walls floors ect... Full bathroom,A/C,Awning,Heater,Small fridge,Microwave ect..In floor wench I have the 2nd couch/bed,It is getting reinstalled Bought it off my buddys dad who was the...
  7. stoker22405

    Pentair salt system.

    I have pentair as well...My pool gets used daily with several kids,I put a chlorine tablet in the skimmer during the summer months,Seems to keep levels just about right.
  8. stoker22405

    2022 Toyota Tundra

    Tragic as are most of the other manufactures....
  9. stoker22405

    2018 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4

    Great time to sell....Not a great time to buy...All trucks are waiting for a 2cent micro chip You need to call several dealers and see what they have coming in,Then you have to buy the truck before it even shows up and hope they dont charge you more than Invoice...Took me nearly 1 month to get...
  10. stoker22405

    2018 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4

    The fat lady sang and Turd is officially SOLD for full asking price....Gotta love them Turds....!
  11. stoker22405

    2018 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4

    Pending It isn't over till the fat lady sings Ritchey
  12. stoker22405

    Look for “race” trailer - thought I’d check with the RD family first.

    It is not a wide body, Standard width...I will have to measure the door opening tomorrow...I did some quick looking around...Yikes.....These things got expensive Based on what I found out there....28k would be what I would let it go for
  13. stoker22405

    Look for “race” trailer - thought I’d check with the RD family first.

    I have a 2006 ATC (All Aluminum Trailer...No steel or wood) 28ft Im kinda on the fence on selling it..,Has full bathroom in the front,Sink,Minni Fridge,Microwave...Used about 6 times since 2006. Its been sitting for some years now so it needs new tires,Detail ect...it has 24' of cargo to the sink
  14. stoker22405

    2018 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4

    SOLD 2018 Toyota Tundra TRD 4x4 Original Owner Double cab W/6.5 bed,SR5 W/ Optional Package,38 gallon fuel tank,Tow package/Break controller,Lane Change assist Navigation driver power seat Ceramic coating ,New battery,New Michelin tires,Flex back flip bed cover,Tinted windows and...
  15. stoker22405

    Speaking of California is anyone else troubled by this?

    Thats his moms real estate office...And you are correct...The guy is a Douchebag....!
  16. stoker22405

    Re-pipe with PEX?

    They tend to show up without invitation