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    My Truck Was Stolen Over Night! 04 F250 Crew Cab 4x4

    Damn I scrolled thru entire thread hoping for a more exciting end to somebody stealing a cops personal truck... lol i had a work truck stolen outta my driveway few years back . It was on a friday and i had just wanted to get home after a long day so drive home on fumes. Truck was recovered less...
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    Energy- norco or anyone else

    I recieved one of those today as well. Bit confusing as they say we have 30 days to opt out?? We never opted in lol
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    Boats - Boobs - Butts - Bikinis

    Sounds like it was definetely not a boring trip!!!
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    Superbowl Tickets

    if you're that into it my vote is make it happen!
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    509 CI BBC Build

    Invest in some decent cylinder heads!
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    I was just reading up on this yesterday and this is illegal. City cannot make you install separate meters or charge for storm water ect! Norco wouldnt let me build a shop out back so now they are gonna be forced to let me build an adu hahahaha
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    The good wife...

    A stern talking to!
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    My New Bimini for Havasu

    Gingers everywhere rejoice!!
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    Throttle’s “Destination LA Boat Show”

    Some bitchin hardware! Sorry I missed it. Show had been lackluster for me for a few years but really cool to see guys stepping up again. Thanks for posting
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    Interceptor deal of the show

    Great looking boat!
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    Solar financing in Yuma, AZ. APS price increase.

    Sounds like you dont need solar at all!
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    Adult things not to do

    Ditch the chonies and soldier on!
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    2nd Admendment in action....

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    The Shop Is Open

    Are those studs 12" o.c ?
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    Classic Performance Boating Regatta 2020

    We will be there with both deals again! Had a blast last year.... except trying to navigate through a crowded channel in a vdrive boat with no transmission lol
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    What Waterway or Lake will you have your Boat on News Years Day

    Pacific ocean for us! (Catalina )
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    Issue with city of norco

    We all spoke like crazy when they enacted the new rules. Made zero difference. They did make variance seem like no big deal if property didnt have horses anyways or didnt bother neighbors. They forgot to mention it was 3000$ per variance non refundable .They added the 20' setback on any...
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    Issue with city of norco

    I saw Jim's post and he agreed to answer any questions for me! Sounds like I'll have someone that builds a lot in town draw and engineer it for me as been said here already
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    Issue with city of norco

    I have heard about it and am probably going to be forced to go that route.