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  1. asa400ex

    1997 Sleekcraft Enforcer - SOLD

    28ft Sleekcraft Enforcer
  2. asa400ex

    RDP Help with Fuel Fitting

    Has anybody seen and more importantly where can I get this fitting? The barb fitting is for fuel line and the other is to allow water to cool the fuel. Just starting my search and I wanted to start with RDP. Any thoughts?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. asa400ex

    Vapor Lock after cruising through the channel

    So with these hot temps my boat seems to be vapor locking after going through the channel. Does RDP have any Suggestions? I can always open the hatch but was thinking about adding a second blower. One to push air in and the lower blower to pull it out. The problem is all the hot air is at the...
  4. asa400ex

    Fuel Selector Valve

    Anybody know where I would be able to find this fuel selector valve? Not having any luck. What other options are out there? Really don’t want to go to a manual valve. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. asa400ex

    Security Systems

    I am looking for a security system for my home that acts like the RING with notifications to your phone but is hardwired through POE. I have research some old threads and people have suggested that the following systems: Reolink Bullet Proof Night Owl Hik Vision Does anybody have any...
  6. asa400ex

    8' Bimini to a good home

    Does anybody need a Bimini? Width is 79" and 8" long If interested call or txt Located in Havasu Aaron 714-299-2246 Price ???
  7. asa400ex

    8' Bimini

    Does anybody need a Bimini? Width is 74" and 8" long If interested call or txt Aaron 714-299-2246 Price ???
  8. asa400ex

    SOLD FREE - Blue Top Optimas

    I have two Blue tops that I don't need. Anybody want them before I send them to get recycled? They are located in Havasu. They have been a Deltran charger since new when not in the boat. Still have some good life in them.
  9. asa400ex

    Need to replace the carpet in boat Where in Havasu area??

    It is that time for my carpet to get replaced. Looking for a few shops I can get a quote from. Other than Main Stitch, are there other shops that you may have used in the Havasu area? Thanks
  10. asa400ex

    Ice Maker Refrigeration Tech

    I have a ice maker that I got from a friend, he said it worked when he had it on 4 years ago. When I went to go turn it on nothing happened. I think it might be the compressor. Who in Havasu is the go to person I can bring this to? I know its a Hoshizaki brand. Thanks
  11. asa400ex

    Anchoring the Canopy into dirt/gravel

    I need to anchor a canopy into the ground and don't want to use stakes with tie-down straps. Trying to avoid straps altogether. Other then just pouring a concrete footing what other trick ways have you guys anchored your canopies down. Thanks
  12. asa400ex

    What is your favorite river song??

    Trying to build up my song collection. What is your song that reminds you of being on the river? Old New Rap Everything
  13. asa400ex

    Beach rash

    I need to get my bottom of my boat redone from beach rash. What companies in Havasu would you guys recommend me take it to?
  14. asa400ex

    Need to replace the engine coupler. Who??

    What shop would you take your boat to in Havasu to replace the engine coupler? It seems the average price is running about $1600 to $1800. But who would you trust?
  15. asa400ex

    454 7.4 MPI Vapor Locking

    I am wondering if any of the RDPers that have a 7.4 MPI have ever had vapor locking issues. I read online that Mercruiser has a serve bulletin out on vapor locking. My issue is when I come to a complete stop after running the motor for some time (Topock to channel) and shut the motor off for...
  16. asa400ex

    Launch ramp troubles

    Do we know this person? Looks like new to offshore controls. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n6q4qxt74bds1sp/Video%20Aug%2016%2C%205%2021%2051%20PM.mov
  17. asa400ex

    Registrating you Car/Truck to AZ - Do you have trouble with CHP??

    I now am going to leave my truck full time in AZ at the lake house. Since it is there most of the time I figured I should get AZ car insurance on it and I also wanted to put AZ plates on it. My question is: What are the laws if I drive it back to CA for a shot time? Will I get a ticket...
  18. asa400ex

    What do you bring in the car on your way to the river/lake??

    I just read a post from boatnam2 about losing a friend recently. One thing I read in that thread was to make sure you have supplies for a just in case moment. I am wondering what does the RDP peeps bring with them on every river tip for that just in case moment? I always bring: 1. extra...
  19. asa400ex

    Honda 426EX Quad Fully custom

    Call or txt me if you have any questions. 2001 Honda 426EX race worthy and show quality. Built with no expensive spared the best of the best parts. Fresh prep. The bike has the following after market parts. Motor: Built by Barnums Pro 426 WB JE pistons w/ 11.1:1 compression Web cam...