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  1. jadenchick

    Good BMW mechanic in Corona/Riverside area

    Well, the little X3 won't start. Went to the movies last night and came out and it wouldn't start. Checked the battery and its a green light. Called my insurance co. for a jump, maybe it needed to be charged and nada. So, maybe an alternator or a starter. I'm out of my league on replacing...
  2. jadenchick

    Car Running Too Lean?

    I have a BMW X3 and I put in Arco gas, I know, I know but it was my only choice. The service engine soon light came on shortly after I refueled. When I got home I hooked up my OBD Scanner and got these codes, PO0171 and PO0174. Fuel System too lean. I assume it the crappy gas...any other...
  3. jadenchick

    Escalade Owners MUST READ for Corona Owners

    Tonight my friends Escalade was stripped while we were getting our nails done at Dos Lagos. They took the seats, airbags, navigation, rear DVD player and even the diaper bag. The cop said 2 Escalades were hit last tonight at The Crossings (Target Shopping Center) Just a heads up...thieves...
  4. jadenchick

    Lemon Law Help

    The bf has a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD just hit over 50,000. Some of things that have been wrong with it- 16,000 miles tire monitor light Key fob won't work Smoke coming out of steering column Their diagnosis: Replace remote control lock receiver in reponse to tire monitor system...
  5. jadenchick

    Auto Shippers

    I need an auto shipper from Columbus, Ohio to Corona, CA. Any recs? It's for my BMW X3. Thanks!
  6. jadenchick

    Need recommendation for window tint please...

    I had used Mike's Tint Shop in the past but wasn't that happy with my Lexus. I called Mr Tint in Norco and the guy Steve was pretty rude to me. I have two vehicle I'd like to get done a X3 and a 528i. Thanks! ETA: I'd go as far as Orange County, would really like to stay out of LA...