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  1. DanG

    What size is this Indmar motor?

    My son just picked up this 2006 Eliminator Eagle 21XP Jet drive. Can anyone tell me what size motor this is and possible hp? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. DanG

    Robbie G's Plane

    My son sent me a couple photo's of RG's plane from his work. Pretty bad ass....Even has Speed seats inside.
  3. DanG

    Eddie Marine/Dana Hydraulic Engine Hatch Question

    Better to store with engine hatch open or closed? Recently had to have the cylinders rebuilt and wondering if it is less stress on the cylinder seals one way or the other.
  4. DanG

    Sundown Marine Daytona Info

    Last year my brother picked up this cool looking 1987 18’ Daytona. He’s finishing up the restore and the boat is looking awesome. Based on the vin, it appears to have been built by Sundown Marine in Huntington Beach. Anyone have any information/history on these boats, builder, etc. it’s...
  5. DanG

    Looking for shop referral

    Looking for a referral for a place in Havasu to repair my hydraulic hatch lift. It’s leaking from the cap on the cylinder. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. DanG

    CA Title and Register in AZ Question

    I know similar questions have been asked and I have done the search, so I have seen the "private party AZ, no tax" responses. I am looking for more specific clarification from someone that has possibly done the process. Obviously I am trying to avoid paying anything extra to CA, so any advice is...
  7. DanG

    [WTB] WTB Clean 24-28' Open Bow

    Looking for clean 2005 or newer 24-28' open bow, prefer walk through, or deck boat. I am very particular and looking for something in exceptional condition, low hours, always garaged, maintenance records, etc. Budget - $80k for a Conquest or similar deck boat or open bow walk through Daytona...
  8. DanG

    What's the right boat for me.

    Looking for some help from your experience. Recently purchased a home in havasu and looking to upgrade our boat in the next year. With today's prices on boats I want to make sure I am 100% happy for a long time with my purchase. Here is my dilemma. Our new place has a 7' height restriction on...
  9. DanG

    NOOB from So.Cal /Havasu

    What's up river peeps. New to the forum. Work house is in Fontana and recently sold our fun house Big Bear cabin and purchased a fun house in Havasu. Been going to the river most of my life as my folks had a place in BHC for many years. Decided on Havasu as we felt it just had a lot more to...