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  1. jonnyd

    Awakened Church = Awakened America

    If you have the time this 42 minute message to the Church in America is incredible! Mario Murillo has been a voice for America and the Church's role in this great country for some time now! The two go hand in hand!
  2. jonnyd

    Promise Keepers

    Do any of you remember this movement? Did anyone actually go to one of the events? I remember my Dad asking me to go with him to one of the events but I declined. Looking back now I wish I had taken him up on his offer. If I could only go back I would give my right arm to be able to do anything...
  3. jonnyd

    Merry Christmas

    Here we are again with another Christmas season upon us. I think back to my childhood and all of the things we did as a family to celebrate the Christmas season. Our church put together a program each year called the "Singing Christmas Tree" which was a big deal in our community. They actually...
  4. jonnyd

    Kincade Fire De Javu

    It has been a crazy 5 days here in Sonoma County. Starting on Saturday some friends of ours from Healdsburg came to stay with us as they were under mandatory evacuation. The weather report was for heavy winds to start on Saturday night and threaten the towns around Healdsburg. At about 3 am...
  5. jonnyd

    Messing with your Neighbors

    So I'm driving back from the store yesterday and took this picture. Apparently the homeowner built this new fence around his property and one of his neighbors anonymously turned him into the city for building his fence too high. He went ahead and fixed the fence along the sidewalk by cutting it...
  6. jonnyd

    The New Group of Congressional Representatives

    So whats up with the new reps in D.C. ? It seems to me that they are much more vocal then new reps in years past. There used to be a type of freshman process that new reps had to go through before they were able to be so vocal and demanding in their new positions. The old guard would take them...
  7. jonnyd

    Happy Birthday Wsuwrhr

    Have a great Birthday Brian. Apparently there are a few of us celebrating today! Jon
  8. jonnyd

    Are Home Invasions the new norm in Sonoma County ?

    I can't believe that I'm even writing this today, but I have to say how saddened I am to see what has become of this beautiful area in which I live. 30 years ago the worst thing you had to worry about was whether or not your cow was going to be tipped over by the local farm boys. Slowly over...
  9. jonnyd

    Selling and Purchasing Marijuana?

    I thought this may be the appropriate section to post this question as I am sure it will become political. Here in Sonoma County last week the Board of Supervisors apologized to the illegal sellers of Marijuana blaming themselves for the lack of applications to become legal marijuana...
  10. jonnyd

    Cool Craigslist Find

    While searching craigslist for a boat I ran across this boat for sale. As many of you know Sausalito has quite a few house boat communities, but this boat is quite different from those. I hope you enjoy reading up on this classic! www.sausalitotugboat.com
  11. jonnyd

    What is the "End Game" for Liberalism?

    After reading some of the other Political threads here at RDP and watching what is going on around the world and here in the USA as of late, I really have to wonder and question what it is the left wants and what is their "End Game". I know that here on RDP the differences that some of the...
  12. jonnyd

    Be careful what you wish for!

    In either case it's a win, win! https://mariomurilloministries.wordpress.com/2017/05/17/dear-left-be-careful-what-you-wish-for/
  13. jonnyd

    Work Related

    Yesterday we delivered a manufactured home to a property in west Sonoma County. Just getting the three sections down the narrow tree lined roads was hard enough, but then we had to go over a concrete bridge. The bridge is 12' wide and the home sections are 13' 6" wide. Each section took 2 hours...
  14. jonnyd

    Who is fit to lead this great nation?

    So here we are just days away from choosing our next President. Each of us has our own thoughts and reasons for wanting our pick to win. The issue's and what is at stake seem to be of little consequence at this point, but rather each candidates character is now what is most important in the eyes...
  15. jonnyd

    Ready for a change (Boating related)

    So we just got back from another great week on Clear Lake. Once again we had the lake mostly to ourselves. The water is high and is as clean as I have seen it in years. My boat ran great all week, but we are ready for a change. I have had my ski centurion for about 10 years and it has never...
  16. jonnyd

    My Car is acting up again !

    It seems like it's got a mind of it's own!
  17. jonnyd

    Orange County Places to Live ?

    Looking for a little help from the RD folks familiar with the Irvine area. My son is interviewing with Amazon in Irvine and could be relocating soon. I will be going with him next week to look for places to live. He will be looking for apartments which it looks like there are plenty of choices...
  18. jonnyd

    Proud of my Son!

    My son graduated from UC Santa Cruz in June with a BA in Computer Game design. He is very excited to get his career started and is actively seeking an opportunity with a game design company. He is a programmer specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Here is a sample of his final project...
  19. jonnyd

    Summer of 78

    It was the summer of 1978. I was 13 years old and growing up in Northern California. I lived out in the country and there wasn?t a lot to do, so when my grandparents asked if I wanted to spend the summer with them I was thrilled. They lived in Yucca Valley and I knew that I would have a great...
  20. jonnyd

    Custom Bimini Needed HELP!!

    Hello everyone I'm looking for some help in locating the right Bimini for my boat. I have a 97 Ski Centurion La Pointe with a ski pylon. After looking around and on the internet. There are some company's in Australia that make the style and type that I feel would best suit my needs. I'm looking...