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  1. Shane54

    going to cabo and stay at the casa dorado resort

    Casa Dorado is right behind the Mango Deck and has an excellent spot on Medano beach. That area is swimable. You have Edith's and the Office right down the way, which are great places to eat / drink. There is also a great restaurant right across the street called Bar Esquina, that usually has...
  2. Shane54

    HEY LAM- I bought me a boat!

    Congrats Hammer!! That boat is beautiful!!
  3. Shane54

    Deck boat wanted

    I would check with Robert at Coast Motor Group. Looks like he has 2 magics and a commander deck that meet both the power and budget requirement. https://www.coastmotorgroup.com/
  4. Shane54

    New project - Riverhouse Remodel

    Wow house came out fantastic! Great job!!
  5. Shane54

    Three AM , wake up WTF?

    I go to a holistic doctor and after testing my blood and explaining to her that I have a difficult time shutting my brain off at night she prescribed me some magnesium supplements. I take 2 pills 20 minutes before bed and typically sleep through the night. Works for me, but might be something...
  6. Shane54

    Close Call Yesterday

    Wow that is scary. So glad that everything worked out and she's going to be okay.
  7. Shane54

    Eight turbo mustang

    Ultimate crowd killer!!
  8. Shane54

    So let’s say you want to buy a boat before summer

    Dave, this could be a nice boat for the summer, will most likely hold it's value. It's probably priced a little high, but it's available now. https://coastmotorgroup.com/images.php?stock=475
  9. Shane54

    Fort Mohave New Home, 3bd, 3bth, 70ft. RV GARAGE

    Congrats on the new home. Just curious, with the new home build location do you still get access to the Willow Valley marina? Or are you leveraging the lot you still own in Cimmarron Lakes to get access?
  10. Shane54

    When Your Head Positively Absolutely Has To Be Somewhere Else

    That song will always remind me of Angel Stadium. I believe they play that either between innings or when they are announcing the starting lineups.
  11. Shane54

    Fiberglass work in Needles?

    We have our boat stored at Billy's and he had a guy that was coming up from Havasu to do fiberglass repairs. Might want to reach out to Billy and see if he's still having that guy come up and do the work. We had our keels done (cat) and they turned out great.
  12. Shane54

    Passport Renewal

    My wife and I hit up the DMV in Needles on Monday for our Real ID's. In and out in 30 minutes. Now we need to work on the Passport renewals. Read that they are way backed up on processing due to COVID. OP hope you get yours in time to take your trip, and Happy Anniversary!
  13. Shane54

    Need outboard service in Fort Mohave/Bullhead.

    I would say either Premier in Needles, or Mojave Powersports. We've had good experiences with both.
  14. Shane54

    The woman who made our family possible has gone to be with our lord...

    So sorry for your loss. Condolences to you and your family.
  15. Shane54

    MORE $'s THAN SENSE...….

    Now you just need to buy another Toon for your Cimarron Lake house and you will be set!!
  16. Shane54

    Pirate’s Cove

    Interesting that they just posted an add for a CPA job opening on their social media.
  17. Shane54

    Icon Leveling Kit

    Depending on what type of shocks you want I would pick something from here. Unless you want to run something bigger than 35's, I would go with a leveling kit rather than a 4 inch lift. https://camburg.com/vehicles/11-19-hd-25003500/
  18. Shane54

    Finally Closed on our little slice of Heaven :)

    Floated by your place this weekend. Looks like it's going to be a great spot! Can't wait to see what you end up doing.
  19. Shane54

    DCB Interior Modernization

    Don, This looks amazing. I love the hexagon stitch. Can't wait to see your boat this summer, definitely my favorite in Willow Valley.
  20. Shane54

    Boat storage

    Juevos, welcome to the WV trailerhood! Where did you buy at? We are on the corner of King and Canadian. To the OP, I know you are looking in Havasu, but we also moved our boat from Abstract as well and over to Billy B's in Needles. Billy's place is top notch, and it's always fun to see all...