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  1. River Dirt 2

    Pics or it didn’t happen

  2. River Dirt 2

    Shit for brains

    is speaking again on TV, grab your decoder rings….
  3. River Dirt 2

    Fontana - Maybe some corruption and fraud?

    Tax dollars at work….anyone else get a million dollar plus golden parachute? https://www.pasadenastarnews.com/2021/07/02/former-fontana-city-manager-made-nearly-1-million-without-working-a-day-in-2020/
  4. River Dirt 2

    OMG Monkey Boy

    Is at it again, impossible to listen to his crap...total back pedal on jobs report....oh, and it’s Trumps fault..
  5. River Dirt 2

    Happy Wife - Happy Life - C8 Edition

    Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife of 35 years. Ordered the car July/2019.....
  6. River Dirt 2

    Biden Speech (or lack off)

    Anyone else watching this idiot make a fool of himself...has no clue who or where he is.
  7. River Dirt 2

    Auto Parts help Parker/Havasu

    Looking for a Bosch fuel pump 580 254 979 Wix fuel filter 33276 any recommendations on auto parts stores? thanks.
  8. River Dirt 2

    WTB Fox shocks - truck.

    Any RDP connections to buy Fox shocks? Would prefer to support here vs online stores. Looking for: 2 of 980-24-663 2 of 980-24-664 2 of 985-24-238 2 of 985-24-239 Thanks!
  9. River Dirt 2

    Conquest Top Cat 1

    2003 Conquest Top Cat 1- 28’ Custom Rigged by Brummet Marine / Myers Machining One of a kind, EFI twin turbo - Race Arrow Custom rigging with full motor cover Full Hydraulic Steering Bravo 1 Drive with fresh rebuild, low water pick up New 11’ Bimini Towing cover Custom triple axle trailer...
  10. River Dirt 2

    Pissed......Parker is Closed

    Thankfully the warden left a key for long time offenders :)
  11. River Dirt 2

    1999 Silverado Z71 4WD 2 Door Shortbed Parts Donor or Project

  12. River Dirt 2

    1999 Silverado Z71 4WD LS 2 Door Shortbed

    Through a series of unfortunate events my daughters truck was stolen and crashed. Was a real nice truck and a perfect first vehicle for both my son and daughter in high school. 2 seats, 2 doors, no hauling all the friends to lunch. Anyway, its kind of dead, and short of scraping it out thought...
  13. River Dirt 2

    Alta Motors

    Anyone ride one of these yet? https://www.altamotors.co/redshift-exr#redshift-exr-1
  14. River Dirt 2

    Maharaja Race Ski For Sale

    $1,000 with bindings, $800 without. Bag included.
  15. River Dirt 2

    I want one!

    This and a diesel Suburban Come on GM bring them here..
  16. River Dirt 2

    Happy New Year RDP

  17. River Dirt 2

    BF Goodrich Baja TAs for sale.

    I have three 33 x 10.5 and two 35 x 12.5 Baja TAs. For 15" wheels. $100 / each for the 33s and $50 each for the 35s. No holes plugs or patches. All in Irwindale.
  18. River Dirt 2


    Kershaw named 2014 NL MVP :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: DODGERS NEWS
  19. River Dirt 2

    2011 Yamaha 90 Raptor Quad

    2011 Yamaha 90 Raptor Quad Has 2 maybe 3 outings on it. Great ride but daughter out grew it. Has girls graphics installed, but have new boys graphics as well. New price $1,950 off season special! See links for specs and reviews. http://www.4wheeldirt.com/2013-kids-atv-shootout...
  20. River Dirt 2

    Dodger Fans

    Vin Scully named the Grand Marshall for the Rose Parade this morning. Pretty cool!:thumbup::thumbup: