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  1. tostark

    Florida traffic stop turned shootout

    Reallly? Been in a shooting? Let alone been hit by gun fire?
  2. tostark

    Just when I thought I had seen it all - I40 experience last night

    I had it happen a month ago coming back from eastern sierras. Been doing that drive for 30+ years and no issue. Just south of 395/14 split i am gaining on car ahead and planning my pass. He breaks hard and goes to the shoulder and here are 2 sets of headlights coming my way. When i hit the...
  3. tostark

    Appreciate rdp

    What i didnt like as a supervisor was they would get the 6 weeks but didnt have to use them all at once. Could break them into 3 two week blocks. usually the new dads were too junior to get any prime time vacation. So guess what. 2 weeks when baby was born…. 2 weeks mid summer….. 2 weeks...
  4. tostark

    Last day....thank you RDP!

    Congrats! I pulled the plug in 2016 after 30 yrs. Retirement is best job i ever had.
  5. tostark

    Bimini help

    My buddy used Toni's Canvas in LHC was very happy with the product and the price
  6. tostark

    Havasu airport.

    I know they have tried Bullhead before and failed, just like Havasu. They also had to cancel flights in extreme heat, like havasu. I always hear bullhead and havasu but never kingman. Maybe very good reasons for that but i never hear them
  7. tostark

    Havasu Marina Slips

    Just trying to get an idea from Havasu locals. Used to be you had to show up the morning you wanted to reserve a slip. Now they use online reservations 90 days in advance. Absolutely no advantage to living local. I want to press the marina into allowing locals, those with AZ Drivers...
  8. tostark

    Havasu airport.

    Has Kingman ever tried for EAS status? Airport is big enough. 737 cargo land there now. The elevation has to be better then trying to fly out of havasu or bullhead heat. Drawing from Flagstaff to havasu to mohave valley would seem to be a draw for something like Southwest Would be nicer...
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    How HOT is it in Havasu tomorrow/Saturday?

    Agree. People live in Green Bay and deal with the snow. I dont hear them whine. They deal with it or vacation/snowbird during that time. Same with those in Havasu. Deal with it or vacation somewhere cooler. i also dont hear of people visiting Green Bay during the snow. So maybe people...
  10. tostark

    How HOT is it in Havasu tomorrow/Saturday?

    Havasu is way too hot. Everyone should stay away until the fall
  11. tostark

    Brush Fire?

    Anyone know what is burning south of Havasu?
  12. tostark

    Senior Softball

    If you are living in Havasu area, over 50 and looking to stay somewhat active, Havasu had a senior softball league. This time of year they play on Monday and Thursday mornings at Rotary Park at 830 am. Be there by 8am to be put on at team. Pick up games all summer and fall with a league in...
  13. tostark

    Water Softener - Bad Ass one

    I recently used MJM Water Treatment to replace mine. A newer company in Havasu, but Mike is definitely trying to make his mark. On time, as priced and came out great. I recommend giving them a try. 928-412-9237
  14. tostark

    Job offer

    Retirement will be the BEST job you ever had......give it a try!
  15. tostark

    Lake Havasu Marina Slip

    to rent a slip a few years ago, you had to be in person the morning of to get an available slip. Now they do it online 90 days prior to the date you want. I keep telling the marina they need to let locals (those with AZ LICENSE) to come in 91 days in advance so they dont have to fight the...
  16. tostark

    Lake Havasu Marina Slip

    I did a month once….and only once. Never again. I even pulled it out mid month and washed it, still needed a detail when i pulled it out. The water/heat is not friendly. I still rent for the big holidays to avoid the ramp. But 7 days at most. It is well worth it, especially on the 4th to...
  17. tostark

    Very cool photo of my grandfather WW2. Share your Memorial Day thoughts and photos.

    To continue to honor those that served in WWII, make sure that they are included int he WWII Memorial database. https://www.wwiimemorial.com/
  18. tostark

    Very cool photo of my grandfather WW2. Share your Memorial Day thoughts and photos.

    My dad. Searchlight Operator in the South Pacific
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    Have Fun and Be Safe out there this weekend fellas!

    Toquerville falls outside of hurricane
  20. tostark

    Have Fun and Be Safe out there this weekend fellas!

    We left havasu and went to Utah!