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  1. dave29

    Sun shirts

    Amazon has a ton of SPF long sleeve t's. They're all I wear all summer long.
  2. dave29

    How much is enough?

    You need an executor and contingent executor. Also, we don't have kids. Our close friends have the numbers of our executors. If we go sideways, they make a call. My next door neighbor is losing it and can't remember anything. I had a sit down with him 2 days ago about his memory. I told him he...
  3. dave29

    How much is enough?

    You'll know when you're ready to retire. It's not just about money. It's about your health, mental state, family, etc. The one thing to keep in mind is that there are very few redoos. if you're close to 60 and retire, there's a good chance you'll never get as good a job as the one you are...
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    RIP Phil Oliver

    Gramps You might remember my dear friend and neighbor, Chief Don Anthony.
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    You Guys Are Slipping...No One Mentioned A Tujunga Brawl!

    I rented the house next door to his for about a year. Hiawatha ST in Chatsworth. Really a great guy. Does a ton of charity work. Would do anything to help you and works with youths at risk. He was probably invited to attend and be in the parade. Forgetting who he is, if I had a nice convertible...
  6. dave29

    I Love America | Why do you?

    I've been to other countries, some 3rd world. Life is cheap. In America we believe that everyone is important and that life is precious. America has it's faults but I couldn't imaging living anywhere else. God bless America and all Americans!
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    Porsche 911 GT3 RS with DRS

    I've had quite a few yellow cars. Yellow is the fastest color.
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    Hot and fast Brisket

    Dan You didn't say what temp you're using. On my normal brisket smokes, I go 250. That's why I was so surprised when I went to 325 and pretty much had the same tine as a 250 cook.
  9. dave29

    Hot and fast Brisket

    First of all, i'm never experimenting with guests coming over for dinner. Too much pressure. Brisket went on at 8:30am at 300 degrees. It was really cooking too slow. At 12:15pm I upped the temp to 325 because the internal was sitting at 147 and not moving. Finally at 2:30pm internal was at 160...
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    Hot and fast Brisket

  11. dave29

    Hot and fast Brisket

    Before the results, a few pictures.
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    1976 Schiada 21RC V-Drive Completely Restored!!!

    What a beauty!!!!! Boat looks perfect. Av gas or pump fuel?
  13. dave29

    Hot and fast Brisket

    Meat went on at 8:30am mountain. If you're looking at the 200 temp, the picture was taken at 7am.
  14. dave29

    Hot and fast Brisket

    Prepping the meat. It will go inn the fridge overnight.
  15. dave29

    Hot and fast Brisket

    Update on the hot and fast. The head count for Fridays dinner has gone down. Fortunately I found out before I pulled a brisket from the vault. Now going with a 9lb Porter Ranch dry aged whole brisket. Prepping starts this afternoon.
  16. dave29

    Hot and fast Brisket

    I've been smoking meats for about 30 years. Started with an Outers smoker that was about $35. Only had one bad experience.... with a turkey at Lake San Antonio involving tequila. No tequila for the hot and fast experiment. Hopefully it will be great.
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    Hot and fast Brisket

  18. dave29

    Clean Gene’s and Dirty Bob’s

    Bought a VW transaxle from Dirty Bob when mine blew. I put it in, ran it for the weekend then took it to Race Prep in Reseda, Cal for the full race rebuild. Glad those guys were there when you needed help. I had a Sand Toys rear engine sand rail. The good old days.
  19. dave29

    Hot and fast Brisket

    I have some AZ friends coming over Friday and thought I would try cooking a hot and fast brisket in the Mixon. Never done one before but the thought of another 14 hour cook started me researching recipes. Smoking a Porter road dry aged brisket, 16lbs. I'll do a light trim, inject it with a beef...
  20. dave29

    Anniversary present

    That was nice of your skid steer to get you a wife!