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  1. Familyties

    Hello from Glendora

    Welcome, looks like a great job
  2. Familyties

    Which one of you assholes was this..?

    I bought a brand new one and first time wearing it lost it at the Havasu Springs golf cart parade :(
  3. Familyties

    Thank You Havasu Springs Boat Shop

    The week of the 4th started out great on Monday, boat in our slip and ready to go. The next day the 5 year old batteries went bad and Todd from the boat shop replaced them for the fat old guy. On the 4th boat started running on 7 cylinders so back to the boat shop and again on the 4th Todd...
  4. Familyties

    Havasu Springs Summer Bash

    Good time at Havasu Springs Bash last night. The food was good, and on point. A local band from Havasu, Scott & Sabrina were great. A big thank you to the management and staff for putting on this event .
  5. Familyties

    Another 5 Billion lost by Biden

    Come on, it's not his money. He won't even remember spending it. :mad:
  6. Familyties

    Anyone else donating to DJT on conviction day?

    I did for the first time
  7. Familyties

    Memorial Day weekend 2024….Post your pics!

    Before coming to Havasu I had to replace my water heater, not something I wanted to do at 73.
  8. Familyties

    Hello from Yorba Linda

    Welcome, hope to see you around the lake somettime
  9. Familyties

    Propane Forklift Ban

    Done I guess Newscum will ban farting
  10. Familyties

    Memorial Day Weekend Plans

    Going to the Springs Outer Harbor and look at big boats and small bikinis and have a few beers.
  11. Familyties

    Speed Check 15 Victorville-Palmdale Rd

    Never go any where without my radar detector
  12. Familyties

    FREE Booze

    Well I read California lost 20 billion in homeless funds and can't account for it or even if it helped even one person.
  13. Familyties

    Stupid Stuff I did as a Teenager……..

    We found out in chemistry class about mixing iodine crystals and ammonia together to make contact explosives Good ole days in school.
  14. Familyties

    Are You In Your Final Home???

    Nope, probably a rest home or senior housing
  15. Familyties

    Car dealer/sales people weigh in…

    When we were shopping for a new suv for wife in 2022 everybody was 5 to 6k over msrp. I found a Ford dealer to sell us a 2022 ST Explorer for msrp and 1.9 interest, now dealers are calling to see if I want to buy. I tell them I'm going to buy a new F150 but I will not consider any dealer who...
  16. Familyties

    I'VE BEEN FRAMED - The Pool Cabana Build

    Daniel Nikolic Construction 951 239-4205 He did some work for me he is Havasu and SoCal
  17. Familyties

    Is cash out?

    And no employee discount or Christmas party invites.
  18. Familyties

    House Vacuums

    When I was young I sold the little green pig vacuum for a couple of months and Kirby's for 3 years, in the 50 years of marriage I have had two Kirby's the one is still in use.
  19. Familyties

    At least she didn't set the house on fire

    I don't blame her