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    RIP Boatdoc55 😰😰

    It is with many tears and a very heavy heart that I wish to thank each and every one of you for your kind words about my guy Gary. I'm Mrs boatdoc Diana. I'll have you know when I turned his computer on it was on the RDP site. He enjoyed so many hours conversing with all of you. I know most were...
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    Bear Market Stock Picks - Investment Opportunities

    Just got an email from Bask Bank and my High Yield Money Market account just went to %4.6.
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    Chipotle*** No cash accepted ???

    100%. These younger folks seem to think this digital world is the cat's mow but they didn't get to live in a free world being so young. So glad I'm looking down the other side of the mountain!!! Do you younger guys want big brother to know down to the penny what you have?????????
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    Southwest Mass Cancellations

    EXACTLY!!! I have family that works for SW and it's mother nature AND the PHUCKING unoins that get this blame!!!
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    Who has an air fryer??

    The wife just tossed some into the air frier for tonight. smell great.
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    Unconventional / Non Traditional Christmas Eve Dinner w/ Pops.

    Ain't that the truth. Been 30 years to the day, that we lost him!!! I think about him every day!! FUCK smoking.
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    use permit-fire permit-off road permit----- check

    I haven't been to Glamis in over 45 years and after reading this thread I guess I won't see it at all!!
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    Merry Christmas hospital staff

    We thought the right to do tonight at the Chinese place in Parker was to pick up the two Sheriff's tabs who were sitting next to us. When they got up they came straight to our table to thank us. We said NO, THANK YOU for being away from family on Xmas eve night. WE hope they have a slow and...
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    When you dont know..

    Damn, all the things you can do with salmon gear. How many oz bank sinker is that??
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    When I need my coffee, Peet's Major Dickasons Blend, I search ebay and find the cheapest by the ounce and buy it. Just bought yesterday at $.37 an ounce.
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    Dirtbikes only!

    Smart Man, you are.
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    Inflation is real!

    How do you figure pizza is the only affordable option. 4 of us last night, the pizza and 12 wings was $50.00 and we had to go get it!!
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    Hey gear heads, which carburetor?

    Edelbrock 100%. I put a slew of them on Volvo Pentas back in the day and never had a problem. The first thing I'd do with a Holly is throw it in the trash unless less it was a pair of 660 center squirters!!!!!
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    Who Does The Best?? .......

    x2 Hard to beat the fish at this place and the views.
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    What’s up with all the cops?

    As they should!!!
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    Boat chit...what's it worth?

    Back in my day, I never put the logs back on without taking two ball-peens and put one in the stud hole and smack it with the other going away from the head surface. Then by all means use high temp black silicone on the surface before tightening down, working from the inner two studs out. In...
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    CAUTION!! Boat video.

    Damn Tommy, We didn't know which way to go today so we went South, sorry we missed you and that little 'ol Miller.
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    Boat chit...what's it worth?

    Hardin did a test a 100 years ago when Steve Strange worked there and they found that each valve cover had 2 qts of oil in them at 3500 RPMs. That 10 qt is a must and the restrictors. If I remember correctly didn't we roll the cam bearings so only 1/2 the hole would flow????
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    Mini-split for whole house?

    Solar attic fans?? Do those really work? I'd be interested in those here in Havasu.
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    F. U. Bubba

    He should be out of any kind of racing the the rest of his sorry ass life. He's a piece of crap and does nothing for the sport but bring it down to ghetto level. He's done nothing in racing at all and expects everything, as he is black, just like all of them. Shame on The King for bringing him...