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  1. Rsqfxr

    Free stuff (some boat parts)

    Im in eastvale, I can grab it all
  2. Rsqfxr

    FORD F250-F550 - 1998-2004 vacuum seal installer tool

    Where is this located
  3. Rsqfxr

    Mercruiser Manuals

    Hi, Can I pay you to ship them? Im in Eastvale
  4. Rsqfxr

    Travel Trailer Rental Oceanside

    My buddy @jdzoutdoors on instagram has toy haulers for rent if that works, bumper pull and 5th wheels he offers delivery and pickup service (310) 971-1534
  5. Rsqfxr

    LS Swap Tacoma-info needed

  6. Rsqfxr

    Tell Us About Your User Name…

    Im a mechanic for the fire department
  7. Rsqfxr

    134 shut down

    or state
  8. Rsqfxr

    Pirates cove cabins on fire?

    Wow, we check in sunday to the units on the opposite side of the restaurant
  9. Rsqfxr

    Alligators spotted in the channel

    Harbor City, that was Reggie 😆
  10. Rsqfxr

    Canvas Shop LA/OC - Boat Cover

    +1 Monica
  11. Rsqfxr

    Who carries?

  12. Rsqfxr

    Honda Generators

    Certain models are 50 state legal
  13. Rsqfxr

    Robot dogs are racist

    I guess anything is possible with programming 😆
  14. Rsqfxr

    Robot dogs are racist

    they're very cool, I got to play with ours today, oh and I confirmed ours is not racist
  15. Rsqfxr

    LAPD officers shot

    nope, city council vote got deferred 2 months, we have ours tho, its pretty cool
  16. Rsqfxr

    Cardi B Twitter rant

    Speak on these crab legs Cardi
  17. Rsqfxr

    Black California License Plates With White Letters

  18. Rsqfxr

    7.3 Gurus...Got An Issue

    how much fuel in the tank, when the pickup in the tank rots and falls off, you will start having issues when fuel gets low
  19. Rsqfxr

    Underwater lights / school me

    I went with the metra marine RGBW lights, at first I bought the wet sounds remote then found the exact same remote for almost half the price of the wetsounds name but they only did RGB so I ended up going with a different remote that did RGBW