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    Shots fired at trump

    Yes and not at the alert, at the damn ready to go!
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    So what would You do...

    I'd rather check out Utah, much closer!
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    This doesn't suck...

    Bakersfield Vacation Island , it's near the Oildale mountain as you can see in the pic. 😆
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    The tools you never knew you needed

    I bought one about 2 months ago, wish I did sooner. Thing is awesome for what it is, much better than a Hudson sprayer.
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    Summer is definitely hear.

    Imagine hereing that noise, it could be hurd a mile away!
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    Summer is definitely hear.

    I did here that hurd of cows this morning mooin.
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    Summer is definitely hear.

    I bet most have hered them before.
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    Does anyone know how to reach srttruck on here?

    I do, I'll have him give you a call.
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    What do you love or hate about your dump trailer

    On board charger with a 120v inlet plug. 12v solar panel for charging. And don't let your friends know you have one.
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    Bobcats. Skid steers. School me.

    If your looking for an around the house deal, look at a MT100.
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    Bobcats. Skid steers. School me.

    I must've got a lemon, my bobcat is hand controls. I'm gonna return it.
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    Ever been to a glory hole?

    Yep, last time it flowed over was 2018.
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    Ever been to a glory hole?

    Last week, last year it was 15' out of the water.
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    So I made mention of a new magic box

    I believe you need to go into mouse mode, hit the pointer button below and left of the OK button.
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    Speed UTV take 3

    True that.
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    Reverse osmosis undersink filter recos?

    I've used these units for about 10 years, been happy with them and water tested after the unit has always been good. Filters and a push button quick connect which makes changing them a breeze. https://www.premierh2o.com/531411-ro-pure-guide
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    Anyone here 3D print?

    I need some gears designed and printed. I have a gear for reference. They are smaller spur style for a rotary latch mechanism. Will pay.
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    Toughts on 2024 Cadillac Escalade 6.2

    Pics of the boss wife's DD's?
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    Kalamazoo band saw

    I have a friend who had a very similar looking saw (I forget the model #) it didn't have a valve for down feed pressure. It had some spring assist that didnt work well, was great for ripping teeth of the band if you didn't baby sit it.
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    Flame cannons like at supercross?

    I've been wanting to do the same thing, I'll be following this along!