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    PSA - just because we are on vacation..

    Man I always miss the good threads. Damn It! :mad:
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    Roller Skating…..

    Lol, this is awesome. I skated from 7 thru high school. Was pretty serious with it and got into speed skating early and did it until inlines came outl . Was ranked #2 in the nation for my division at one point and #1 in mix relay. Some of the guys I skated against made the Olympic ice speed...
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    Kendall Oil

    I buy my Kendall in Cypress for $68.88. Just bought a case 2 weeks ago
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    So lost😢

    I am sorry for your loss.
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    Whose Boating This Weekend?

    I'll be out in the Green Monster. If you see me at Topock or Speed Alley stop by and say hi.
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    Truck Suspension Shop (Lift Kit)

    I had Josh and Leadfoot do mine and I highly recommend them. They made sure I was happy with everything before letting me leave the shop and even schedule a time for me to come back for the 500 mile check up.
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    Well my boat knowledge sure took a hit today

    Come on Man... Get with it. lol
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    Memorial Day Accidents

    Yeah, probably could have cut power a little earlier but probably trying to get it out of gear too many times and ran out of real estate so reeds or another boat. I believe he made the right decision.
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    Memorial Day Accidents

    Port drive stuck in forward. Ended up in the reeds at Topock. Super cool dude that is experienced boater.
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    The Battle at Riveria- then to Jail

    Dave, one thing about Havasu that is shitty is. You touch anyone first you go to jail period! Yes, I am speaking from personal experience when a douche' bag verbally assaulted a female friend of mine and called her racial slurs. I defended her and was cuffed immediately. Even though this guy...
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    The Battle at Riveria- then to Jail

    This was my question. lol
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    [WTS] Bravo 1 32p prop* SOLD*

    How many props do you need? You know you're supposed to run them in water and not on rocks or the bottom? LMAO
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    Memorial Day Accidents

    A lot of people do. I had a friend that couldn't swim but was able to learn to water ski. Not as uncommon as you think.
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    [WTS] Bravo 1 32p prop* SOLD*

    You don't need it Peter, I got it because I'm closer and need a 32p prop.
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    [WTS] SOLD * Bravo 1 30p Prop * SOLD

    Hello, has this prop been touch at all or is it Merc Stock? I might have someone interested.
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    Magic deck boat trailer.

    I'm interested. Let me know what price you're thinking and the ETA of your new trailer.
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    Costa Mesa Speedway

    Great night of racing. Had a blast.
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    28E’s British Virgin Islands trip 2.0

    Have a great time guys
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    Desert Storm - 3rd Annual RDP Members Burgers, Brats, Beers and Parking

    It was great meeting you. Glad you like my products and thank you for the shout out! This is the best form of advertisement and always enjoy meeting RDP'rs. I'll be looking for you on the water this season. 👍
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    Input on a 27 Daytona

    As Motoxxx said, the only water sport you can do is tube and that is a chore, on and off the throttle, but let me tell you my teenager at the time loved it... A bit fast for the daughter though. As for the boat itself. The 27' Daytona is one of the best single engine cats you can own. If you...