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  1. Old Man Havasu

    92 Carrera 20 ft jet in classifieds

  2. Old Man Havasu

    92 Carrera Eclipse $9000

    20’ Black and metallic blue gel coat, BBC 454 750 Holley carburetor, 138 hours, MSD ignition w/billet distributor, steel braided lines AN fittings. HPC coated intake manifold, HPC coated Indmar exhaust w/internal mufflers and SS tips.American Turbine pump extrude honed hard anodized, powder...
  3. Old Man Havasu

    House painter in Havasu

    Found an old thread from years ago. Need a solid guy that will show up. Large job. Thanks Gary 951-316-1178
  4. Old Man Havasu

    Service boot help!!!!!

    My son was accepted to the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Dept. Academy starting 7/10. We've tried boots at the uniform store and a few others. Ordered some nice Danners from Zappos. He has a long narrow foot and he gets too much heel movement and with the running miles he's going to log...
  5. Old Man Havasu

    Attention pilots 75 yr old Uncle neeeds a ride.

    My Uncle from Kansas is flying in to see Desert Storm. Looking for I guess a 1 hour 3 passenger flight up the river to Pirates Cove, down to Springs and across town. Basically a scenic tour. I'll gladly pay your fuel, your time and lunch. Dates I'm looking at are May 3, 6, 7. If your...
  6. Old Man Havasu


    Anyone here used Esmay to go solar in Havasu? Good? Bad ? . Thanks Gary
  7. Old Man Havasu

    Living Trust help

    Need a recommendation for someone in Rancho Cucamonga/Upland area that you have personally used to prepare your trust. I know some people use an online service but I'm thinking something this important needs a personal touch. Thanks in advance! Gary
  8. Old Man Havasu

    Reliable landscaper

    Need some palms trimmed. Who do use? In Havasu!
  9. Old Man Havasu

    Best Blue Angels video I have ever seen.

    https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1470502349863056 They are having a great time of course!
  10. Old Man Havasu

    Need one of these valves.

    Tank selector for my boat. pretty sure it has an air leak and its scored. No name no markings. Nothing on internet. Time to hit the dealers I guess! Thanks Gary
  11. Old Man Havasu

    94 Ford 150 help

    My sons truck has (had) a fake billet grill on it. Some scumbag at CSUSB pulled it out. Now looking for a new one. 1000 choices online. Any place in Rancho Cucamonga beside the dealer you can recommend? Thanks
  12. Old Man Havasu

    Got this from a friend on FB. Route 66 in Havasu 1962

  13. Old Man Havasu

    Great parasail video awesome skill.

    https://www.youtube.com/embed/L62faWn-sa8 Hope it's not a duplicate.
  14. Old Man Havasu

    AZ Monsoon Season 2014

  15. Old Man Havasu

    Reverse Osmosis system Alta Loma?

    Any recommended installers?
  16. Old Man Havasu

    Great Air Show video

    http://vimeo.com/100670266 Should have left the music off and used the engines for the soundtrack!
  17. Old Man Havasu

    Constitution Day today

    Certain people seem yo have forgotten we have a constitution , please remind them whenever possible. Went out with my son and celebrated one of my rights as a "Merican" today!
  18. Old Man Havasu

    Recoil 2 BJ Baldwin tearing up Baja!

  19. Old Man Havasu

    Karr Security Systems

    Picked up a new Nissan from a dealer. All their cars come equipped with KARR Security Systems. My car came from another dealer so they did not have time to install. They gave me the key and strongly suggested I call for installation. Has SCAM (money maker) written all over it in my mind. Lots...
  20. Old Man Havasu

    2008 Honda CRV LX-E for sale

    In pavement section. Sorry could copy link with IPad. Super clean 22,000 miles. Please take a look!