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  1. DWC

    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    A few from today so far. Ton of cool shit in one place.
  2. DWC

    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    Damn, we should have had a RDP get together at Mutts. Heading to the show in a little while. See you when finish the schooners.
  3. DWC

    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    It was both of my bosses and a couple more coworkers :oops:
  4. DWC

    Finally Some Sanity From the FDA?

    It’ll be interesting to see what the final FDA recommendations will be. The panel said no go. My bet is FDA goes forward. I’d love to hear from the 2 that said yes. Cases are dropping and panic is growing. Science.
  5. DWC

    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    Yeah, i was supposed to be veering right at the time. I was following legs instead. Took a bit of flack.
  6. DWC

    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    Steph got a ride out not too long ago. She did the same thing. Started looking for what we would have to do to get on the program. Didn’t take long to realize that the 4hr drove isn’t that bad. It’s a whole new level of badassness. Speaking of. Saw this family on Wed heading on...
  7. DWC

    Sand Sports Super Show 2021!

    50mins is making good time. :oops: Ive done Havasu to So Cal once. It’s a game changer. I was all in on getting my pilots license until i checked on maintenance/hanger etc. Holy crap. It made the annual on my boat look like chump change.
  8. DWC

    And I thought our suburban was expensive

    Saw these heading to SD Tuesday. They don’t skimp when ordering with tax dollars.
  9. DWC

    The end of an era

    I took a day off. Sat on frozen veggies off and on. Threw wiffle balls to my son the next day to get ready for his LL game It’s not that bad. Worst part is the tug when they pull and snip. You’ll feel it in your neck/throat.
  10. DWC

    Container costs/Shipping, stand by!

    These are from yesterday. There are ships everywhere. Would have been incredible to see without the marine layer.
  11. DWC

    Merc 525 HP Outboard

    My exact thought
  12. DWC

    (Sold) 1987 Advantage 13 Mini Cat. Mercury 60 HP Outboard!!

    Just gotta clear out the current Wednesday ride out and she’ll be fine.
  13. DWC

    Got this letter from my finacial institute today.

    Guessing they’ll have a little more time.
  14. DWC

    Electric bikes

    Great post and spot on. Brand names don’t mean what they once did. At most these electric bike companies are making frames, most likely being made to a spec/design. Same with the motor, battery and components. Most start off with a better product and cut quality as costs increase and/or...
  15. DWC

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Few more from today. Won’t lie, I’m ready for fall weather. Haven’t seen Steamboat this quiet in a couple years. Very quiet on the lake. Random group of lake lice close to the pump station. Other than that it’s pretty dead out here.
  16. DWC

    Nordic Regatta 2021

    We gave our food raffle tickets to Lucky. He won the suction cup/tie up deals. They looked pretty cool. Looking forward to trying them out in the near future. Pirates was pretty good. Had the burger, it was pretty good. Best thing I’ve had there in a long time. Our waitress was...
  17. DWC

    Nordic Regatta 2021

    I was the one standing up trying to keep cool. Damn it was hot.
  18. DWC

    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Springs for Breakfast and football :D
  19. DWC

    Nordic Regatta 2021

    Good turnout. Seemed to be plenty of prizes in the raffle. Quite a few really cool Nordics from all generations/types. There weren’t as many newer boats as i figured. Should be an awesome event when/if they combine it with HiH next year.