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  1. stephenkatsea

    Ok all you health nuts out there

    What was said about alcohol is true. But, I continued to have wine with dinner. No beer, Period. Kept carbs to an absolute minimum. Easy to do these days with the Nutritional Values posted on everything. Kept total calories down. Helping sizes slowly became smaller. No chips, no sodas...
  2. stephenkatsea

    Californians - this is for you

    Good catch and very true. Wonder what the actual breakdown is now ? About 70/30 or so?
  3. stephenkatsea

    Californians - this is for you

    CA voters are the same idiots who, not long ago, voted that there should be a huge increase in their gasoline tax. WTF? Wonder how they’re liking that now?
  4. stephenkatsea

    Garage Floor Epoxy

    Curb Appeal - LHC, Marc Zettle. Good guy. Good work.
  5. stephenkatsea

    Make USC Great Again?

    You mean the same Pete who took off in the middle of the night?
  6. stephenkatsea

    Pendleton going off tonight

    Every submarine operated by the US Navy is a "Nuke sub". Believe it has been that way since 1990. Their movement is considered Classified. I would not expect their arrival to be announced.
  7. stephenkatsea

    going to cabo and stay at the casa dorado resort

    The Trailer Park was excellent. But, I believe it’s long gone. Daughter and SIL went recently to Cabo. They snorkeled out by the Arch. Said there was considerable surge and the visibility wasn’t too good. But, overall they had a good time. Make sure your passport doesn’t expire until long after...
  8. stephenkatsea

    Sold the old homestead

    I can recall seeing the Iron Lungs lined up by the windows of Rancho Los Amigos Hospital so their lung affected polio patients could look out the window. One of those kid type memories that seem to remain with you. And maybe that’s not a bad thing.
  9. stephenkatsea

    Sold the old homestead

    It was a comfortable floor plan. Our kitchen took up most of the east side of the house. I was surprised to see the backyard pool area has not changed at all since 1970. Knew that area well. It was my chore to maintain it. And I was glad to. Had many hours of fun in that pool/patio area.
  10. stephenkatsea

    Feel It???

    Areas of Ventura County tend to shake a bunch during a quake. We lived in Camarillo during the Northridge quake. Fillmore took a significant hit from that one.
  11. stephenkatsea

    AIr Condition Company contact

    Thanks for the info.
  12. stephenkatsea

    Sold the old homestead

    Congrats on your sale, retirement and welcome to Havasu. Rancho Los Amigos was/is a hospital of miracles. What a shame, some idiots now claim it's haunted and a bunch of other BS like that. North American Aviation - The fathers of nearly half my friends once worked there, the proud home of the...
  13. stephenkatsea

    AIr Condition Company contact

    With the recent passing of Carey, I now have the same general question. Fortunately, we currently have no AC needs. Does Carey's business continue under new ownership?
  14. stephenkatsea

    Sold the old homestead

    Where in Downey?
  15. stephenkatsea

    Sold the old homestead

    Downey was an outstanding place to grow up. Went thru 12th grade there. Parents purchased the semi custom home, in a desirable part of town, for $18k in 1954, sold in 1970 for $36k. They were thrilled, they had doubled their money. Place still looks very nice and mostly as it was in 1970...
  16. stephenkatsea

    BANNED....So this is for Americans that have taken a stand

    For me, "America the Beautiful" by Ray Charles and the "National Anthem" by Whitney Houston are all time classics. I recently came across this performance done by Sante Fe and The Fat City Horns. We recently saw them at Bootleggers Bistro - Coppa room in Las Vegas. They are a mixture of many...
  17. stephenkatsea

    Havasu New Internet Service?

    Havasu News reports an internet service provider known as Allo Communications is planning on bringing 10G fiber to LHC. Does anybody know anything about them. They claim there was a nation wide survey of 63 communities for their satisfaction level of affordable high speed Internet. Reports...
  18. stephenkatsea

    Let’s Roll - 9/11

    Wow. Thank You RD. I will always remember Todd Beamer and the heros of Flt 93. But, I’d never seen that transcript. So extremely moving. Remarkable post.
  19. stephenkatsea

    The Refuge

    Can’t even imagine what Palmer would have thought of this situation. Not only was his name used on the original project, so was his image. I believe he was truly involved with original course design. Not sure where it went from there. In its current configuration, it’s not what it once was...
  20. stephenkatsea

    Havasu Fire??

    The excessive amount of haze and dust over the lake today doesn’t seem consistent with the amount of wind. Winds are not that strong. Is there a fire burning in the area?