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  1. Get415

    15 years later

    Finally hit 100k on my duramax. Only took 15 years to do it 😏
  2. Get415

    Hiding outdoor stereo receiver

    How is everyone hiding there backyard stereo receivers? I can mount under the patio roof but that not visually appealing. I have an old wood cooler that might work with some minor cutting. Im trying to find a cool way to hide it, but it will still be under the protection of the patio.
  3. Get415

    Whats it worth?

    Not sure I even really want to sell yet but pricing is all over the place. Whats a fair starting point, not unrealistic Covid pricing? 2006 2500HD, SLE, Duramax, 2wd, 93k miles. Thanks in advance.
  4. Get415

    Time for tires

    Currently on 35" Nitto Trail Grapplers on a diesel truck and they are fine but time to replace. Just highway driving and occasional heavy towing. Stick with these or considering Toyo AT III all terrains??? Any other options i should be looking at that are good with heavy loads
  5. Get415

    Dark side of the ring

    Pretty cool series on all the old WWF wrestlers and the real life nonsense these guys were caught up in. Some of these dudes were into some wild stuff.
  6. Get415

    [SOLD] 2003 cr85

    Wife got a quad and doesn't ride it anymore so its gotta go. All stock bike, current reg with pink slip. Complete bike but I do know it needs fork seals. I'll get more pics if any one is interested. $1500. Marc 818-800-9343
  7. Get415

    Feinstein's husband named UC scandal

    https://ktla.com/news/california/sen-feinsteins-husband-named-in-uc-admissions-scandal/ Most likely will amount to a big nothing but at least it made the news. These people have no limits
  8. Get415

    Anybody know this Lavey

    Its listed for sale and its got my interest
  9. Get415

    Shave razor

    So I canceled Dollar shave club and tried using a safety razor. Takes too long to use. What razor company makes a good blade and doesnt pander to political and gender BS?
  10. Get415

    2007 Harley Heritage Softail

    Loaded 07 Heritage with less than 15k miles. Lowered front and back with beach bars, full Samson fishtail exhaust (not slip ons), chrome forks, chrome swingarm all PM chrome hand controls and other accessories. Real chrome parts, not just covers. 21and 19in DNA spoke rims. Im sure im forgetting...
  11. Get415

    [SOLD] Power caster for sale

    Selling a lightly used PC-3. In great shape and moved my 29ft boat with ease. Located in Santa Clarita $850 obo. Marc 818-800-9343
  12. Get415

    Any house alarm techs?

    I have an ADT system and would like some work done. Santa Clarita
  13. Get415

    [WTB] looking for a quad

    Anybody have a lead on a clean quad. Prefer a Honda TRX 400/ 450 but open to other ideas. Nothing to new, trying to keep the price down. Thanks, Marc
  14. Get415

    Where is Mayor Yoga Pants ????

    Garcetti is conveniently in Finland right now. Fire season is not a surprise even so why would he plan this trip. And WTF is soo important for him to be there anyways. Not that he is a leader in any sense of the word but it would be nice if he pretended to care and take charge...
  15. Get415

    Ghost or glare

    Came up on my sisters Ring camera. I thought maybe some kinda glare or small bug, but would that set off the camera to recored https://ring.com/share/6715267696141048433
  16. Get415

    Chick-fil-A fish

    If your doing the no meat thing for lent, try out the fish sandwich at chick fil a. It does not disappoint!
  17. Get415

    Snow in Gorman?

    Anybody know if there is any snow in Gorman. I wanted to ride tomorrow but not in the snow. Weather check just showed rain on and off
  18. Get415

    [WTB] crf50 xr50

    Looking for a half way decent xr50 or crf 50 for my little guy. He's ready to start riding
  19. Get415


    Just saw Big bore on KTLA. Yikes, i feel for you man. I remember reading your threads about having a horrible neighbor. Hopefully something gets done now
  20. Get415

    SCV Concerts in the park

    Anybody been? The last one is tomorrow, Sublime cover band, and I plan on going. Are they allowing alcohol at these events or is there booths selling booze and food?