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  1. Riverbottom

    Sold!! 1984 Stoker 20.5 SST Mercury 225EFI Boat is Immaculate!!!!!

    So what is going to be the next Wednesday boat ?
  2. Riverbottom

    Dealing Direct with Taco Marine?

    It has been several years, but Advantage boats had most everything in stock, and sold railing to me. I don't own an Advantage, but they were very helpful.
  3. Riverbottom

    “It’s turning out to be the biggest catch of my life bro,”

    Looks like it was in an irrigation canal and not the main river. Lots of catfish in the canals.
  4. Riverbottom

    Greeting from Mexico - Algodones

    I know it is available, and many people here in Parker make trips to pick up insulin. There is a diabetic gentleman I see at breakfast sometimes that buys it there. If I run into him I will inquire, and see what I can learn.
  5. Riverbottom

    Less than 10% of the people in the hospital are vaccinated...

    Just lost a good customer and friend yesterday to the vaccine. Nice man in good health, gets regular check ups at Scripps. Given a clean bill of health in June 2021. Ten days after first vaccine shot, enlarged heart and trouble breathing. ( no positive COVID tests ) Three weeks at...
  6. Riverbottom

    Where to sell/what’s a wood boat worth?

    Generally fill it with salt water, as fresh water causes dry rot in wooden boat. Grew up at the ocean with wood sail boats and power boats. Always made sure rain water and wash water did not sit in the boats.
  7. Riverbottom

    Greeting from Mexico - Algodones

    I feel pretty comfortable with the meds. Not usually made in Mexico. I am looking at a U.S. prescription from CVS pharmacy that says made in India, who knows where things come from when placed in a brown bottle.
  8. Riverbottom

    Greeting from Mexico - Algodones

    Large parking lot on the U.S. side, $ 6.00 to park for the day. Walk across and walk back. If you drive across, the line of cars returning looks pretty long and slow. I would not feel comfortable driving across, but that is just me. I believe you are supposed to have your passport...
  9. Riverbottom

    Greeting from Mexico - Algodones

    You don't need a prescription, and I don't think they limit your purchase. Their are probably a dozen pharmacies within a two block area. When I re-crossed into the states, they just looked at my drivers license, and I had my passport. I had to take off my hat and the customs / border...
  10. Riverbottom

    Greeting from Mexico - Algodones

    Just made a day trip to Algodones, picked up Ivermectin, Hidroxicloroquin and Z-pacs. Walked in and walked out maybe twenty minutes in Mexico, didn't even check my bags coming back into the U.S. Just wanted to have them on hand in case I get the virus. Going back in a few weeks, for...
  11. Riverbottom


    Bill passed several years ago. Janice passed Monday evening.
  12. Riverbottom


    Janice has been my neighbor for 25 years. I miss them both, and our neighborhood will not be the same without them.
  13. Riverbottom

    Caption this ...

    Good to see you back. Hope you are feeling better !
  14. Riverbottom

    Monsoon about to hit north havasu

    Windy and lightning in Parker, but no rain yet.
  15. Riverbottom

    Covid vaccine personal info

    I don't plan on getting the vaccine, but if I have to I believe will choose the J & J. I realize the blood clot issue with it, but I don't have confidence in the mRNA with Phizer and Moderna.
  16. Riverbottom

    Vintage Coast Guard Parker

    I don't remember the windshields. Every so often they would have a Spectra cruising in Newport on a busy weekend.
  17. Riverbottom

    Ehrenberg vs Rice Road

    That wash is actually Tyson wash from Quartsite. Have been stuck there many times with three plus feet of water and debris running over the road. Be careful in can be clear and sunny at the road, but a bad storm over Q-site can cause a dangerous mess.
  18. Riverbottom

    Parker Electrician

    X2 if I don't do it myself, I use Wade. Just a great human being, you will not be disappointed.
  19. Riverbottom

    Ehrenberg vs Rice Road

    Parker to Ehrenberg must be O.K. I commuted six days a week for twenty five plus years and am still alive. ( almost 900,000 miles on that road ) Still need to be careful, but the escape route of driving into an alfa field, is much better than the open desert. And I did take the alfa...
  20. Riverbottom

    Anyone else taking Zetia for high cholesterol?

    I can't tolerate any statin drugs. Makes me feel like I have the flu. Big problem is rabdomylis with my muscles. Doctor has me on Niacin, Lovaza ( omega 3 oils ) and fenobibrate. Keeps my numbers in check and no statin side effects.