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    ATC 110 replacement engine

    Can anyone recommend a Chinese replacement engine for a ATC 110? My old machine needs a full rebuild, and I don’t know that that’s the easiest route.
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    What do you vintage v-drive experts think?

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    10 year old disposable camera

    I bought a Hallett 210 in from Cheetah Bob in 2010, had it hauled to Wisconsin, and later that summer found a disposable camera under the bow seating. The camera got thrown into a box of junk and I fogot all about it until cleaning my garage this spring. I had the pictures developed this week...
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    Worth saving?

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    1965 Schiada wood deck

    Not mine. Pretty cool. https://mohave.craigslist.org/boa/d/lake-havasu-city-1965-schiada-17-vdrive/7065517658.html
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    What do you think?

    This thing is about 5 hours from my house. Old flat bottoms aren't real common up here in the midwest, relatively speaking. I'm thinking about making it into a family ski boat / 70ish mph hot rod. Those of you who've done a project like this, what runs through your mind when you see this...
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    We’re in Sacrameto for a wedding this weekend, and have some free time tomorrow. Is there a place on the delta that’s good for lunch and watching some boats?
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    Early Sunday morning in Wisconsin

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    Tunnel history

    This Campbell's for sale near me. Being a fan of classic daycruiser styling, tunnelhulls, and v-drives, it's interesting. What's the performance potential? Is it worth a look? https://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/boa/d/campbell-day-cruiser-tunnel/6219888936.html
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    Any value in stock exhaust manifolds?

    I have a complete set of 1992 Mercruiser 454 Magnum exhaust manifolds and pipes taking up space in my garage, and want them gone. Very good condition, for what it's worth. Do they have any value beyond scrap rate?
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    A Schiada story

    I got turned onto West Coast style performance boats when Eliminator was running a shop up here in Wisconsin. I bought one of their 20.5 mod-V hulls with an outboard, and got hooked on the whole performance boat scene. Hot Boat magazine was big at the time, and reading the mag taught me a bit...
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    Hallett 210 dash wiring. Help please.

    Sometime in the past an alarm under the dash was disconnected. The loose wire obviously must attach to one of the four ignition switch connections. My question is which one?
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    bad exhaust flaps - help please

    The 4" butterfly flaps in the tips of my '92 Hallett 210 are falling apart. They're the welded in style. New flaps are on the way from Hallett. I've never removed tips from a transom before. Anybody done this job and have some valuable suggestions?
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    Sanger (Caution: wake boat content)

    We're going to get a wakeboard boat. (Yes, I know it's not the most popular idea on RDP, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep my kid stoked on going to the lake.) There's a dealer not too far away here in Wisconsin selling Sanger boats, and they look great for the price, but are a...
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    Hallett 210 open bow

    SOLD - Great 1992 Hallett 210 open bow. Strong Mercruiser 454 Magnum, 365hp, carbureted, with 360ish hours. Interior all new in spring of 2014. Great stereo. Located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. $16,500 262.490.6114
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    Twin 1000hp Rolls Royces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObADGml3Kjo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFtLr-OdjD4
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    Badass. Like a giant crackerbox. That splitter is a pretty cool piece of machinery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnKPwAo1K5Q&feature=youtu.be http://www.ebay.com/itm/291425417265
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    Water in the oil

    I can see milky oil through both valve cover caps on my 1992 Merc 454 Mag. No rust visible through the holes. The dip stick looks fine, but it has a fat plastic covering on it which might wipe off any evidence. The remote mount filter has just the slightest hint of cloudiness, which I...
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    skiing performance

    What's the wake like behind a classic flat bottom v-drive?
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