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  1. Chili Palmer

    Somebody’s Gonna Get Fired

    Always proofread before you post something on a public forum.
  2. Chili Palmer

    Wanna Feel Old?

    Elliot from the movie ET is 50 years old today. Ho Ree Phuk! 😮
  3. Chili Palmer

    2022 Silverado Update

    Here's a video that beats the official unveiling this afternoon
  4. Chili Palmer

    Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

    I just got a FoodSaver brand vacu-sealer and was looking for more bags, but the FoodSaver brand are really expensive, there are other brands, but are they as good of quality as the FoodSaver brand and stay sealed and are they strong enough so when the air is pulled out bones won't poke through...
  5. Chili Palmer

    Seven Years Of Inconvenience And The Final Result Is This?

    The other day I drove down the east and westbound sides of the 10 freeway from the 57 to the 605. The construction work is all done finally, but I'm trying to figure our what exactly did they do? I do know that they definitely made the freeway surface much rougher than it was before, I hope...
  6. Chili Palmer

    Employer Liability If Requiring Vaccine For Employment

    If your employer is requiring you to get the vaccine to continue your employment with them, do they accept liability if you contract an adverse reaction that leaves you disabled, or in a compromised condition, or if you die due to complications from the vaccine? What recourse do you or your...
  7. Chili Palmer

    Mask Call Out

    Yesterday afternoon my wife and I stopped by a Cuban restaurant in Monrovia to get a couple of desserts to take home for later. I never wear a mask if I can get away with it, but I keep one in my pocket just in case. I always look on the storefront glass or door to see if there is a mask...
  8. Chili Palmer

    Atomic Buffalo Turds With A Little Wang

    I decided to do some smoked bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers yesterday and bought a couple of hatch chilis to give them a shot. Since those are wider and flatter than the jalapenos I cut the hatch chili into 3 pieces and then did a couple flat, filled it with vegetable cream cheese and wrapped it...
  9. Chili Palmer

    Power Boat Listings . Com

    So my son went to the river a few weeks ago and the boyfriend of one of his friends (female) tells him he's been looking for a new to him boat and found a real clean Howard 22 Offshore for sale, but the guy won't return his calls, maybe it's sold. He then shows my son the ad on his phone on...
  10. Chili Palmer

    Anybody Use Dr. Squatch Soaps?

    I kept seeing the ads for this stuff pop up here and there so I checked it out. The sell a "natural" soap without all the harsh chemicals that dry out and irritate your skin, it looked intriguing so I ordered a couple bars of soap and deodorant. Wow! This stuff really smells good, the Pine Tar...
  11. Chili Palmer

    Big Shout Out To Lake Mead Boater

    A big shout out to Brandon who I bought some tires from a couple of months ago - I won’t get into the details, but Brandon took care of me and saved me a quote few bucks. If you’re looking for tires give Brandon a chance, his customer service is awesome. 👍👍
  12. Chili Palmer

    Clean Your Dryer Vent

    The wife was complaining that the dryer is on the fritz, it’s taking forever to dry the clothes. So I got out my dryer vent cleaner jobby - it’s got a small brush that screws onto a 3’ flexible shaft that attaches to a drill there’s 8 shafts that attach to each other. I tuned the dryer on and...
  13. Chili Palmer

    Surround Sound System

    We recently removed the carpet in our den and installed flooring, but the flooring installer said that all the wiring I have for my existing system that I ran between the base molding and the tack strip won't work with the flooring. My system is over 20 years old with a 10 year old Yamaha AV...
  14. Chili Palmer

    Can You Just Feel The 70's Oozing Out Of This Song.....

    Try not to catch the earworm:
  15. Chili Palmer

    Spring Break Movie

    Came across this movie on Amazon prime - I haven’t seen this movie in over 20 years, yes it’s low budget, but a fun movie with some 80’s T&A sprinkled for good measure. http://www.pastposters.com/cw3/assets/product_expanded/JamieF-RJ/spring-break-cinema-quad-movie-poster-(1).jpg
  16. Chili Palmer

    This Country's Greatest Generation

    I get these posts on my FB account every now and then, showing how these men fought with such courage and bravery to stop these evil dictators from attempting to take over the world. These are all kids - I look at all the F'd up youngsters out there today who don't even know if they are a man or...
  17. Chili Palmer

    The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard For Free

    It’s on YouTube for free. Get it while you can. Download SmartTube so you can watch it without commercials.
  18. Chili Palmer

    Frameless Shower Doors Installer Recommendation

    Anybody here have a good outfit for frameless shower doors? I'm in the San Dimas area. I had a guy come out to measure yesterday and my wife said he barely spoke any English and stunk to high hell, had bad breath, and on top of it had to use the toilet after measuring. Really turned off the...
  19. Chili Palmer

    Flex Alerts - And California Wants To Outlaw Gas Vehicle Sales

    California is calling for flex alerts due to high temperatures. How exactly is California going to be able handle the additional electrical load when the state is shutting down power plants and won’t build any new ones? Do the politicians ever think their ideas through?
  20. Chili Palmer

    On And Off Switches - I/O Which One Is On?

    I just got a new water cooler for my construction trailer and it's got the I/O symbols on the switch for the hot and cold on the back of the unit. I can never remember if it's the I or O for on. I looked it up and it's the I. This is based on digital code of 1's and 0's, the easy way to...