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  1. BajaMike

    LEO Boat Video

  2. BajaMike

    Last GM Big Block

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    40’ Cat Video

    Looks nice...
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    15 in a Van in Desert Center

    Weird story. All they had to do was open the Windows, maybe cargo van? https://kesq.com/news/2021/06/09/10-people-traveling-across-the-country-hospitalized-after-medical-issue-near-desert-center/?fbclid=IwAR0GpP00CvHDjbpASSNCIKjJYbzBg6wBRIayn8BG0bekkFCqo4uAt44vy24
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    Dana Point Harbor

    Sold the beach house in San Clemente, now looking for a boat to buy in the harbor. Any suggestions?
  6. BajaMike

    Tickfaw 200 Canceled Again

    I’ve been to this a few times, I have friends with a house on the Tickfaw. https://www.speedboat.com/louisianas-tickfaw-200-canceled-for-second-straight-year/?fbclid=IwAR2ttEjBSx-1ljz89z3U3QcfQPSoQqIl7i60SUOFqq_ci-2a2hnXmL4HsSM
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    Park City Report

    I promised someone on here I would give a Park City report. Been at the Montage in Deer Valley since Sunday. It’s been snowing lightly for 4days, about half of Deer Valley and Park City runs are open, it’s been 16 degrees at night and they making snow day and night. Skied 2 days, there are...
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    Police Boat Chase. I think the video works now.

    This was in Sweden I think.
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    Gale Force Twins-41’ Regulator Video

    I like these girls!
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    Barefoot Water Skier.

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    Gale Force Twins Video

    Trip to the Keys.
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    The Real COVID Hot Spots

    Several “experts” on TV have have said 90% of the recent COVID deaths in California and New York are from nursing home patients. Obviously none of these patients have been in a bar or restaurant or church in months or years. But governors are focusing there attention on bars and restaurants...
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    BMW or Lexus Dealers Here?

    I want to buy a BMW X5 or a Lexus RX350. All the dealers in the Coachella Valley are advertising “no contact buying, we bring the car to you”. ok call the local Lexus dealer and tell him to bring out an RX350 so my girlfriend can drive it. I tell him, I used to be in car business, if she likes...
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    Dana Point

    My favorite of my moms paintings, Dana Point, Oct 1970. My mom usd to drive my brother John and our neighbor Doug Allen to “Killer Dana” and paint while we were surfing. Before the harbor. check out the coloring in the sunset, and the illumination mirrored in the sea, the waves and the...
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    Weird Blazer Pics

    Kinda ruined a nice Blazer.
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    Debate Drinking Game

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    San Clemente Beach House

    We are selling our San Clemente beach house that we have had for 40 years. On the bluffs above Calafia State Beach. http://www.oceanfrontjewel.com/
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    Girl Overboard...Video.

    Crazy boater....
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    Cool 76 Blazer/Camper

    Not mine, just saw this on Facebook. https://barnfinds.com/k5-camper-1977-chevrolet-blazer-cheyenne-chalet-camper/
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    2016 Jayco Motorhome

    I’m not selling this, just saw it on Facebook. https://smartech-latam.com/latam/JayDent/Livin/