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  1. DaveC

    Thread with regard to Chris

    me either but perhaps the charges were dropped via a compromise or plea deal but the defendant had to undergo and complete court ordered domestic violence “offender“ treatment. charges dismissed for lack of evidence? Plea deal? Who knows as we are not privy to the details…..
  2. DaveC

    Max double trailer towing rules

    it is clear as mud but my understanding is with a class C license it is 65 regardless. If someone has a class A with dual endorsement then it could be longer on a 5th wheel. I don’t know the dual rules though I looked into it but don qualify cuz I don’t have a class A and don’t wanna get one
  3. DaveC

    Soccer today.

    Wait. There was a soccer game then a hockey game broke out. But the chair to the head indicates a wrestling match. I am so confused.
  4. DaveC

    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    I made a joke the other day. If one rode a CR 500 back in the day (and lived) then that person is immune to the Rona
  5. DaveC

    Amazon prime not today backed up 20 miles

    Santa Claus and his old lady. Hey I played with those guys man. No they are not band man. I‘m hip. Those guys didn’t know anything
  6. DaveC

    Track Day at Laguna Seca tomorrow

    I love that track. I have not been back to Laguna (Mazda) since I sold my Vette. I will be back some day. Have fun. That track and Sonoma are in my backyard. I have done them both a bunch of times
  7. DaveC

    2022 CT5-V Blackwing review

    must have one…
  8. DaveC

    San Francisco will pay people to not shoot others: 'Cash for criminals'

    The only people committing guns crimes in this state are neither legal gun owners nor conservatives. Bangers, hoods, criminals in Oakland, Richmond, SF and south central commit gun crimes. Everyone knows none of those locations are known as conservative hotbeds. Lets get real conservatives...
  9. DaveC

    San Francisco will pay people to not shoot others: 'Cash for criminals'

    Only criminals can get paid under this deal. No one that lives anywhere around here can legally carry a gun. If one lives anywhere in the Bay Area then one cannot get a CCW. Not a chance. So since guns are outlawed here only outlaws have guns. BTW does this nonsense about paying not to...
  10. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    Damn. These poor people cannot catch a break. The winds are not cooperating today or tomorrow. Its gonna be very windy again Red flag warning posted for today and tomorrow. Southwest Winds 15-20 mpg gusting to 35 Fawk👎🏻
  11. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    Well said. This state is an asylum and is runned by the inmates. Nothing is going to change. That would require those in charge to own up to the situation and make changes. We both know that is not happening. My MIL place in Kyburz has been in their family for 70 years and was a structure...
  12. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    It jumped highway 89. That is not good. Nothing stopping it from reaching South Lake Tahoe. They reported the winds were heavy last night. They are heavy right now. It all depends on the amount of wind and direction at this point. I hope they get a break tomorrow
  13. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    We are on a roll with these damn fires. Last year we dodged a bullet with the fire in Napa burned right around our house there. This year the fire just missed the house near Tahoe. Fire in Napa got within 150 feet. Kyburz got within 500 feet. Both fires destroyed thousands of structures...
  14. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    We ride all over that area. The road to Georgetown is a paved road so not even a challenge. I have driven my RV all over that road. Very scenic drive especially in the summer. They had their trouble with fire a couple summers ago. luckily the fire is far away from the trail Kyburz was...
  15. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    Dave‘s not home man!! I have run that trail a few times. Buddy has a house near Placerville and also Georgetown. All our other riding areas in the fire zone just got torched though. I anticipate all the areas we frequent to be closed indefinitely this winter.
  16. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    I heard it was limited due to lack of visibility from smoke and wind
  17. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    Which Dave?😏 If you look on a map of the Tahoe foothills the trail starts at Loon Lake.
  18. DaveC

    Do DCB owners still wear black socks?

    Oh snap. I felt that over here…. Lol A small glimpse into the long lost gangsta RD…. 👍😂
  19. DaveC

    Fire headed to Tahoe

    Rubicon is to the north of 50. About 20 miles north of the fire in the wilderness. it’s not in danger at this time
  20. DaveC

    Amtrak to Needles

    So yore hitting switches on the bitches 😏😂