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  1. Howardflat

    First trip out was a success, well for me.

    So my 2 year project came to the point where I can drive it. Went out at mead on Sunday and the boat ran flawless. No leaks, no drips, no nothing. Boat ran like a top. Had a great day other then my sister losing her footing getting into my boat at the ramp and breaking her foot. But she hang the...
  2. Howardflat

    She's finally DONE!

    This has been a 2 year project for me and it wouldn't of happened without @Racey . She's all back together. Ran it on the hose and is ready for her shakedown run on the lake. I can't wait. Thanks again Racey.
  3. Howardflat

    Loader in Lake Mead

    I'm not sure if this has been posted on here but I spoke to the guy that's supposed to get this thing out. Story has it the guy lost control and it drove into the lake up at south cove while they were installing pipe mats. The guy bailed as it entered the water and the loader continued to roll...
  4. Howardflat

    Show me your bow lights

    As the Brummett is nearing completion I am wondering what people do with putting bow lights on their custom boats. My Brummett has no holes or bow light now. old owner just used a suction cup type one. I know all about the pop up ones but was curious if anyone has made a badass custom one. Or...
  5. Howardflat

    NASCAR on dirt this weekend

    Anyone a little excited to see the race this weekend in Bristol? Should be interesting on the dirt.
  6. Howardflat

    Somebody please buy this so i cant

    Anyone see that smoking deal on Facebook of that beer for sale? I want it soooo bad.
  7. Howardflat

    Girlfriend asked what I want for Christmas

    Well, technically she asked @Racey what I'd want for Christmas and Racey texts and asks me and said to act surprised. Well I have no idea. Whats on everyone else Christmas lists this year?
  8. Howardflat

    My dad had open heart surgery

    My pops had a quadruple bypass yesterday. I spoke to him this morning and he sounded pretty good. Said it was the most pain he has ever had in his life. As I would kind of expect. My question is for the people who have had it done. Is there anything you needed or wished you had when you came...
  9. Howardflat

    Saw one of the coolest Howards ever in parker last weekend

    Saw this boat at foxes on Saturday. Thing looked sweet. My friend new the owner and he sent me a couple pics because I didnt have my phone. Said it was a 21' with a marathon botom and a social deck I believe.
  10. Howardflat

    Whats everyone paying for SiriusXM?

    Time to negotiate my yearly premium and I want to know a number to tell them. Whats the lowest everyone is paying?
  11. Howardflat

    CCSD voted for full time distance learning last night

    Here in Boulder City/Vegas the school district voted for full time distance learning. Luckily we have the ability to put our child in private school which will be normal school hours. So what is it in your state and what are you guys planning to do?
  12. Howardflat

    Ace Champion V-drive question

    My sister is looking at a boat with a velvet drive and an Ace Champion v-drive. The boat looks clean and good from the pics but my only question is the v-drive. Motor should have around 500-550 HP. Are these v-drives worth a shit?
  13. Howardflat

    15 years ago. Operation Red Wings

    15 years ago today I lost a good friend Navy Seal Shane Patton. Here is a video with some loved ones speaking about some of those men we lost that day.
  14. Howardflat

    Anyone travel to Alaska during covid?

    So I'm headed up there at the end of july for fishing. But alaska has these restrictions on coming in. Have to have a test within 72 of arrival and have in possession a negative result. As well as other options. Just curious if anyone has done it recently and has any tips? Thanks
  15. Howardflat


    Anyone have one of these fuel filters or thinking about picking one up. Seen it advertised on Facebook. Looks like its for .308 caliber fuel line.
  16. Howardflat

    Custom steering brackets on the Brummett

    Since I had to do the tanks on the boat I figured I'd do some other things too. First off I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without Racey's help. Since the stock tanks were in the floor I abandoned those in place and had some gunnel tanks built. Conquest did some cosmetic fiberglass...
  17. Howardflat

    Anyone have any info on land around Kingman or Seligman?

    My pops and I are thinking about buying some acreage around these areas. Mainly for hunting, camping and riding. And maybe down the road build something on. I live in Boulder City and it would be an easy drive. Just looking for some opinions or info. thanks
  18. Howardflat

    New to me toy

    Just picked up this baja from a friend. Street legal cruiser. It's a '64 bug pan with a tube chassis. Has a 13B rotary motor with fuel injection. Runs good and looks cool.
  19. Howardflat

    Turning up turkey day

    So, anyone have any special dishes they make for turkey day other then the traditional stuff? or maybe a real good tasting spin on the norm? Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays cause it gets family and friends together without having to get gifts or some bullshit. Racey and I last year...
  20. Howardflat

    New years plans

    Anyone know what weekend everyone is celebrating new years in parker? New years eve is on a tuesday. Would it be the weekend before which is right after christmas or the weekend after new years?