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  1. PDQH20

    Employees....You just can't make this stuff up.

    Fortunately, mine were when I was kid, full set of R/R tracks cemented bands and all. Once a month I'd have have an adjustment and sometimes it seemed like the guy used an impact on them. Then there were times when the main wire was cut too short and would pop out of the band... right through...
  2. PDQH20

    Employees....You just can't make this stuff up.

    No doubt you've heard all kinds of excuses and most are likely bogus but this one may be legit. I take it that you've never experienced the joy of having them adjusted. They can be excruciating for days afterward.
  3. PDQH20

    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    Here's a question for LEOs. Has use of the body cam helped or hurt you in performing your duties? And is that because of the neighborhood involved or in general? At first, I thought they would be a great idea to protect the good officers and weed out the bad. But after recent incidents and...
  4. PDQH20

    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    Thanks for the confirmation. It's too bad that more LEOs are unable find safe harbor in that. I don't give the general public credit for brains enough to understand the concept of qualified immunity, but it's a shame that it seems to be too conveniently forgotten these days.
  5. PDQH20

    Why Be LEO in todays environment ?

    I always thought that there was a law where public servants, police and fire especially, could not be sued for making a mistake. If an officer followed departmental policy and someone died, that officer could not be prosecuted because they performed as they were trained. Guess I was either...
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    I’m a shitty golfer...

    It's not that I'm a bad golfer, I just see more of the course than most people.
  7. PDQH20

    Texas life

    30-45 minutes north of Dallas is a great area to live. Land available at reasonable prices, still fairly close to civilization, mostly conservative viewpoints and yet far away enough to be by yourself. For a few years at least. If you can, get into county rather than city; less bureaucracy and...
  8. PDQH20

    How much generator

    Costco has a Firman model, Mdl TO7571, 9400/7500 tri-fuel (gas/LPG/NG) generator for $799 in store. Being pretty rural, we got it for outages plus shop, barn and RV use. Has 120 and 240V with 20/30/50A output. Should do nearly anything I ask of it.
  9. PDQH20

    Will there be Riots?

    If you can. Bullets, that is.
  10. PDQH20

    Another BIG reason NOT to watch NFL on TV

    One could argue that the NFL and most pro sports, for that matter, is a waste of time and money. Same goes for Hollywood. Bring on the aircraft!
  11. PDQH20

    Bullhead getting dangerous?

    They're mask enforcement officers.
  12. PDQH20

    Anyone else

    Yesterday received an email from CA Secretary of State that my ballot was mailed to my residence and the process is completely safe. No sales, no call this number and nothing that would lead me to think it was a scam. Trouble is, I haven't been in CA for well over a year. Voted today in Texas...
  13. PDQH20

    Rv garage quote-

    Concrete is it of this world right now, too, at least in North TX. Building a 30 x 60 steel barn with two rollup doors and a 12' lean-to on each side. Concrete is close to half of the cost.
  14. PDQH20

    Sometimes I win

    Love finding old tools in good shape. did some carpentry work years ago and the guy threw in his grandpa's skill saw since he didn't know which end to hold. It's heavy but much better built than today's junk and it's 'torky' as all get out. Cuts even the biggest lumber like butter. Picked up...
  15. PDQH20

    Anyone live or relocate to the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

    Northern Dallas, in Collin County, has been absolutely fantastic! Been here a year on 5 acres and can't imagine living anywhere else, coming from OC. Everyone we've met has been extremely gracious and kind, some of the best neighbors we've ever had. Sure, we feel bad for our friends that remain...
  16. PDQH20

    Vice President Debates

    Why in the world didn't Pence continue when mentioning Biden's 47 years in public service, that not ONE THING was accomplished by him in that time? Perfect opportunity wasted.
  17. PDQH20

    President Trump & First Lady Melania test positive COVID-19

    And COVID tests have been proven to be accurate thus far, right? :rolleyes:
  18. PDQH20

    No New Gas Powered Cars by 2035

    I too, was born and raised in So Cal and knew nothing else. Hated to leave my awesome state. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it hasn't been awesome for the last 15-20 years or so. And the state I left wasn't the same one I grew up in. Staying would mean that I let the...
  19. PDQH20

    Challenger: The Final Flight

    Was at Hughes Aircraft Co. and heavily involved with shuttle missions at the time. It was an especially sad day, much like Kennedy in Dallas, 9/11 and other tragidies except we all had a vested interest in that flight. Really brought home the risk involved in each and every mission.
  20. PDQH20

    Rat poison?

    I used Tomcat chunks. You can get it in small buckets from Amazon. Inexpensive and very effective.