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  1. Javajoe

    And today’s self inflicted wound is

    At least it was a clean cut. Must of scared ya though. Is the knife ok?
  2. Javajoe

    Magic regatta

    Just actually had one a few weeks ago. There is a Facebook Group…Magic Powerboats that organizes them. Todd and Tiffany Leaverton run it. Mostly Tiffany I think. You can join the group and check it out. I think my wife joined it. We were at the river that weekend but didn’t do the Regatta.
  3. Javajoe

    And today’s self inflicted wound is

    How did you do that?
  4. Javajoe

    And today’s self inflicted wound is

    I did that also last Christmas. A hole started forming and I thought I had a gopher. Come to find out I drove a stake through the sprinkler line. Real drag. I feel your pain 🤦‍♂️ I’m dreading having to do it all over again this year. But the wife demands it dammit
  5. Javajoe

    Huge scumbag alert in Laughlin, bullhead, fort Mojave , needles , vegas area and possibly more.

    My buddy always runs fishing line thru his empty beer cans and ties a clip to the end and attaches it to all the shit outside his RV when camping. Thieves can’t see it and it makes a shit ton of noise if they try to steal anything at night
  6. Javajoe

    Boat seat problem....

    I think you are just bored and decided to kill time with posting this thread which is fine by me since this whole site is full of worthless threads which we all respond to 🙃
  7. Javajoe

    Palm Tree Removal

    Go rent a chain saw and cut it down and grind it. Pretty easy. I have to remove one of my palms this weekend. Told wife to call someone to do it. She just looked at me like REALLY??? I had to at least ask. Mine is a Queen palm about 25’ tall. I need to remove all my kings in back as they are too...
  8. Javajoe

    Found a lost phone might be a long shot.

    Found a lost phone today at the high school we are working at. It was locked but we could see they had a text from DAD and someone else. We hit the button and told Siri to call DAD and she did even though it was locked. He didn’t pick up but we left a message that his son or daughters phone was...
  9. Javajoe

    Sand Sports Super Show (The SXS show) - What are you going to buy there?

    Maybe I could get Robby to sign my shirt 😁
  10. Javajoe

    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    I had one. Holy shit those are hard to start
  11. Javajoe

    What’s Your Fav Mexican Beer ?

  12. Javajoe

    9/11, Let’s see your flags

  13. Javajoe

    Let’s Roll - 9/11

    Wow!!! Thanks for posting this. Had not heard this whole transcript before. Very sad but heroic 🇺🇸
  14. Javajoe

    Med Alert?

    Nice to see parents live a long time. My dad is 97 and my mom is 94. Going strong 💪
  15. Javajoe


    Finished it last night. Good flick 👍
  16. Javajoe

    Need the right glue...

    Just use a RamSet. That should work well. Just use a light load at first
  17. Javajoe

    Tri Tip with Red Wine Peppercorn Sauce

    Make sure you cut that across the grain. Most people forget since the Tri tip grain runs across it and not with it. I normally cut it in half first then slice it long ways
  18. Javajoe

    Tri Tip with Red Wine Peppercorn Sauce

    I flip the Tri every hour regardless of internal temp. All depends what your looking for. Those bacon wrapped jalapeños look amazing
  19. Javajoe

    Tri Tip with Red Wine Peppercorn Sauce

    For MY Tri-tip I smoke at 225 till internal of about 130 then sear it on my BBQ for a couple minutes then let it rest 10 min. My Wife likes her meat Well Done, no pink so I either cook hers until 155 at 225 then sear then rest or I do 225 until it reaches 170 then I wrap it with foil and some...