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  1. brianwhiteboy

    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    Used to help shuttle the pioneers cross county. Pretty good shape for being 136 years old .... :cool:
  2. brianwhiteboy

    High speed chase LA

    On channel 7 KABC. In the valley and hauling ass!
  3. brianwhiteboy

    @LowRiver2 you working the explosives situation in LA?

    I just heard on the radio they busted a guy for having a bunch of explosives. Not sure if they are fireworks or what. They are reporting that the containment vehicle that they detonate the explosives in just blew up itself. Hope everyone’s ok down there. They’re saying businesses had their...
  4. brianwhiteboy


    Who felt it? It was a pretty good jolt in El Segundo.
  5. brianwhiteboy

    Amazon Prime Day - NOCO jumpstart on sale

    Picked up three of the GB40 to keep in the vehicles. :cool:
  6. brianwhiteboy

    High speed chase on channel 9 LA

    Guy is hauling ass with no lights. 405 south near 10 fwy
  7. brianwhiteboy

    For sale - this won’t last long!!

    A 31” 2x4 with tag still on it and one 18” 2x8 pressure treated. For anyone considering that remodel here’s your head start. Buy it before prices get stupid. $100 local pickup only - NO shipping. No lowball offers either...I know what I have! PM for details. :cool:👍
  8. brianwhiteboy

    NJBA this weekend.....any extra “pit passes” available...?

    So again it sounds like spectators will not be allowed this weekend. Thank you Kommiefornia and Gov. Shitbag 🖕 Do any racers here have two extra “pit passes” so me and my son can attend? I’ll gladly pay the going rate. If you need a hand launching the boat or drinking your beer we can help...
  9. brianwhiteboy

    Free 2-ton floor jack at Pep Boys

    If anyone is looking for a cheapo floor jack for the off-road trailer or the boat box here ya go. I have a few Big Red products (cherry picker, floor jack, jack stands) and they’ve always served me well. Big Red 2-ton floor jacks for $19.98 with a mail-in rebate for $19.98 so it’s free. Limit...
  10. brianwhiteboy

    Jumped it a tad too far....

    Holy shit balls Batman :oops:
  11. brianwhiteboy

    Nightly police chase LA

    Channel 9 LA. Stolen U-Haul truck ;)
  12. brianwhiteboy

    California land is gonna shrink thanks to Newscum

    This guy is relentless. Every other day he’s signing the “first of its kind” bill. California must always be the first in everything, no matter how unrealistic. I’ve never seen someone with a bigger ego...
  13. brianwhiteboy

    Friday Night Antifa Smackdown

    This should brighten your day. Hopefully it’s not a VIN. https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f652103dc50dc07a108708b
  14. brianwhiteboy

    Thank you Tamalewagon!

    A big thanks to Scott Wenhe (Tamalewagon) for doing our refi. For anyone considering pulling the trigger, Scott streamlined things and made the whole process super easy. Everything is done online, over the phone and with a mobile notary. Even when the county mistakingly dinged my property with...
  15. brianwhiteboy

    Well...looting in LA has started

    It’s starting on a small scale in downtown right now at a liquor store. I wonder what it’s gonna look like when we wake up in the morning. Hopefully the police can contain it to just that.🙄
  16. brianwhiteboy

    Police chase Los Angeles

    On all the major channels. The guy is hauling ass on the 5 freeway
  17. brianwhiteboy

    Some desert riding opens back up!

    Jawbone canyon and Dove Springs open as of today 👍 It’s starting to get warmer, but you might be able to squeeze in another trip or two.
  18. brianwhiteboy

    California schools, possibly done for the year per Newscum

    Newscum is a f’n twat. This moron is now saying that we should assume that schools will be closed for the rest of the school year. WTF? I could see anywhere from 2-4 weeks right now, and possibly extending that, but how do you make such a bold prediction at this time without all of the evidence...
  19. brianwhiteboy

    Who has a job that will continue even if we go on lockdown?

    LEOs, fire, hospital, utilities? City power plant worker here. I wouldn’t think they would shut us down, but if they do, we have bigger issues than coronavirus going on.