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  1. CoolCruzin

    AIr Condition Company contact

    So who is the go to guy in Havasu ? So many to pick from doing a internet search . Want to update the Thermostat.
  2. CoolCruzin

    Mill & Lathe

    SOLD Both mill and lathe for sale . Both with tooling End mills ,clamps ,boring bars .kdk holders . a friend is retiring and stop working at the age of 80 $2400 for both Tools and inspection tools for sale but wants to start with machines first . San dimas area Machines are still plug in to test...
  3. CoolCruzin

    Damn trailer tire

    Bringing Cobra back back to havasu . Tire takes crap and I forget the lug wrench . On the 40 fwy almost in havasu . Let see how fast AAA will come . Sucks
  4. CoolCruzin

    Exhaust Rzr 900

    I need to change what it have . The flow master is too loud. Anyone running these
  5. CoolCruzin

    House re-pipe

    I have a slab leak two locations . One under the damn kitchen cabinets. The other is in the bathroom down stairs The plumber said it’s best to do a re pipe . I have had a couple leaks before and cut and fix and repaired . What you all think Anyone on the board do this work ? San dimas area
  6. CoolCruzin

    Fencing for the havasu area

    Trying to fine a few fence company’s iron fence and block to get a quote. I know there is Armor Fencing I found a few block guys but looking for a lot of iron fence to get done . Who has some contacts for someone ?
  7. CoolCruzin

    Car break in

    Never heard of this But last night damn low life broken in to two of 3 cars in my driveway . Yes they where locked Took stuff in the glove box and threw on the floor of the car We leave nothing in them at night . So they got nothing Trunk and door open on one Door open on the other Left the...
  8. CoolCruzin

    Wanted RZR wheel

    Looking to buy a stock tire/wheel For a rzr 28”/29”. Using for a spare used ok
  9. CoolCruzin

    RZR Service /maintance

    Time to get my RZR ready for the dirt. Where should I take it for the general maintance in Havasu . If it was my boat I would do it . I know nothing about these (yet) I have done oil but that’s it last Year
  10. CoolCruzin

    280 sport cat

    I was down at Cobra Boats today. The new 280 venom sport cat was real impressive. Nothing over looked . They had a bit more to do on finishing it up . The dash was clean no switches All digital screen . Took a few pictures
  11. CoolCruzin

    Wall guy LHC

    Need a wall and wrought iron fence guy for the lake Havasu house . Anyone have a good contact for someone?
  12. CoolCruzin

    Wakeboard/ ski Havasu

    Last weekend ( father’s day) The weekend the wind was blowing . The daughter wanted to wakeboard and we where down at the end by the springs. Started off doing some jumps . Then stay on the rope till she was tired and stopped just before steamboat . A long pull in bad water . But she had...
  13. CoolCruzin


    Purchase a rzr few months back . Don’t no shit about these tires being a boat guy . Tires came with the rzr These tires junk ? The paddle part looks good
  14. CoolCruzin

    Cobra's Unofficial Regatta

    Cobra's Unofficial Regatta Sept 9th 2017 Lake Havasu Az More info on facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/456326304698613
  15. CoolCruzin

    Havasu balloon fest

    From Sunday night "night glow ". Damn cool to see . Never been to one before Saturday night was a rain out
  16. CoolCruzin

    Shop Help

    I thought I would post here and see if I get a response . We need a Machinist and CNC operator will (train the right person for the CNC position ) part time or full Small shop . Product Engineering San Dimas John@product-engineering.com
  17. CoolCruzin

    LHC excavating and retaining walls

    Lake Havasu area . Need a retaining wall built and haul some dirt in. Some also grating needed. Who to call and use ? Any one on the board? I feel limited looking at the internet .Armor fence is a no reply back so far . I'm lost I need numbers please
  18. CoolCruzin

    I-15 fwy

    Any one know how the 1-15 fwy is by the fire? Should I use rice road 62 in the morning instead ?
  19. CoolCruzin

    Engine rebuild

    Where's a good place to go ? I'm in San Dimas Engine need rebuilding , doing all stock for my 65 conv mustang 289 . Lost the oil pump and jacked up the bearings.
  20. CoolCruzin

    Hot sauce

    Where can I buy some hot sauce and vinyl sause today in havasu