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  1. Crazyhippy

    Go On, Brag a little

    Inspired by the adventure @nganga is about to embark upon ( I'll let him brag on that one:oops:o_O:oops:), I'm certain the RDP inmates have done some EPIC shit. What is the most badass thing you have ever done? For me, Catalina Ski race is WAY up there... But running a 3:58 mile is top of the...
  2. Crazyhippy

    Questions for the Brain trust... Realestate, taxes, legal BS, airspeed of an unladen swallow etc.

    The inmates always seem to come up with logical answers to some complex issues... Wife and I have been kicking around the idea of escaping CA (but the weather's nice). We aren't quite ready to jump ship today, but 2-3yrs. That said, we feel this housing bubble isn't sustainable, and are...
  3. Crazyhippy

    US Attacks Iran

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/us-hits-iranian-backed-forces-in-syrian-in-defensive-airstrike Who had 1 month in the poll?
  4. Crazyhippy

    Halloween in Havasu?

    With the dictator of California shutting the state down for Trick or Treating... I'm thinking of making a Havasu run. Any trick or treating to speak of? Have a 9 and 10 yr old, so this should be prime Halloween years fro them. Maybe a trunk or treat style thing in the channel during the day?
  5. Crazyhippy

    So Cal area gold leaf?

    Any recommendations on who to see in the Pomona area for gold leaf/pin striping type stuff?
  6. Crazyhippy

    Little boat in the big ocean (photo heavy Pacific Adventure)

    Took the fiance and kids out for their first island trip yesterday... in a 21' bote Launched out of Channel Islands Harbor. Ran into some Tank testing The girls were miserable... Before we left the Harbor, we found our first Sea Lion. The target was just barely visible in the...
  7. Crazyhippy

    Help wanted in Chino

    I'm looking for a new employee in Chino. Industrial/ Manufacturing plant. Must be able to speak/read/write english, read a tape measure to 1/8", and be willing to learn anything else. Fairly fast paced environment, high end products, new equipment. Very limited interaction with clients...
  8. Crazyhippy

    Chuck Stearns contact info

    Does anyone have a phone number for Chuck Stearns? Please PM me.
  9. Crazyhippy

    I love 24 hour news

  10. Crazyhippy

    Pair of skiers looking for a Catalina boat

    Hey guys, There is an over and back team that is looking for a boat (other boat broke). Both great guys (JT VanRite, and Matt Saale), should be on the podium. They would love a big boat, but will take anything offered. Call Matt 775-224-7206
  11. Crazyhippy

    Slayer on a ukulele... probably the most BADASS thing you will see today!

  12. Crazyhippy

    Stacked TDI

    Thomas!!! You've got some splaining to do </Ricky Ricardo>
  13. Crazyhippy

    I'm gonna go RD on a 12year old in about 2 seconds

    So the family and I spent Christmas in So-Cal. Left Tuesday, came home Saturday. Nice trip, had a great time. Went out to run errands this afternoon, and noticed the cover is halfway off the boat in the sideyard (for sale in the Schiada section btw). Walk over to cover the boat back up, and the...
  14. Crazyhippy

    Snowman bounce house door placement

    http://jezebel.com/massive-snowman-bouncy-house-has-a-giant-vagina-for-an-1485947293 Stay classy Chicago!
  15. Crazyhippy

    Hypothetical olympics question

    If you are an athlete at the Olympics (a stretch for some, but go with it) and happen to finish 3rd (respectable no doubt) only to find out months later that 2nd place has been busted for breaking a rule, and DQ'd... Do you celebrate, feel sorry for your competitor, or do nothing? Does the...
  16. Crazyhippy

    Damn, who moved the turn bouy?

    WTF! How can the jackass that pulled this crap pretend to be an expert on racing?
  17. Crazyhippy

    Anyone in Arrowhead this weekend?

    I'm gonna be out this weekend with 138. Anyone willing to sit in the boat and laugh at us freezing on a waterski?
  18. Crazyhippy

    Some recent videos from down under

    No, these are not mine... They have been unceremoniously stolen from Facebook posts strictly for inmate enjoyment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fZVjJ9hNC0
  19. Crazyhippy

    How many inmates have ever run a 4:42 mile?

    Wilson Kipsang just set a new marathon world record in Berlin. 2:03:23 for 26.2 miles, or a 4:42 mile repeated 26 times consecutively.... That is a 15 minute 5k(fast in its own right), 8 times in a row.
  20. Crazyhippy

    Phoenix area flatbed trailer

    Anyone in the Phoenix area have a flatbed trailer I can beg, borrow or steal for a day or 2? An enclosed with 20' of floor could work too. Picking up a new project in East Mesa and bringing it back to Glendale. Thanks