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  1. Chili Palmer

    Shop Soap

    If you have tar or real stubborn grease stains on your body or anything else use the orange air freshener they sell at Home Depot, I think it's call Pure Citrus. It also works on adhesive too. Good shit.
  2. Chili Palmer

    Shop Soap

    Use your female companion’s facial buff puffs when she’s done with them, they’re good for cleaning around your fingernails and cuticles without removing the first 2 layers of skin like scotchbrite pads do. They also work good for removing latex or enamel paint from your skin.
  3. Chili Palmer

    Get ready for Woke Mountain this winter.

    If there’s snow it means it’s cold. I don’t respond well to frigid weather conditions.
  4. Chili Palmer

    Chevy/GMC/Caddy diesel

    Again, he’s a GM rep, his job is to tell you “don’t worry, we make a high quality product, I was part of the design team”, to make you feel higher confidence in your purchase of their product.
  5. Chili Palmer

    Newsom's Recall

    We mailed our ballots in, I don’t trust the voting machines, they show you what you voted, but it doesn’t guarantee that that is how your vote is counted. The drop off boxes can be moved by anyone with no repercussions if tampered with. Where as the post office is held to a higher standard...
  6. Chili Palmer

    Chevy/GMC/Caddy diesel

    Of course that’s what they say, they are trying to sell you a very expensive vehicle.
  7. Chili Palmer

    La Verne Cool Cruise and Rotolo Chevrolet Car pics. 9/11/2021

    Thank you, I need to bookmark that page.
  8. Chili Palmer

    Feel It???

    The "summer home" is only 45 minutes away, not like in another state or across the country, but 45 minutes away? It must be so hard to take 2 hours out of the day to check on the "main home", you know, having to wait for the Tesla to charge and all....
  9. Chili Palmer

    La Verne Cool Cruise and Rotolo Chevrolet Car pics. 9/11/2021

    Damn, I live in San Dimas and I always hear about that show afterwards.
  10. Chili Palmer

    Somebody’s Gonna Get Fired

    I guess I gotta take a Vin for the team....
  11. Chili Palmer

    Somebody’s Gonna Get Fired

    Always proofread before you post something on a public forum.
  12. Chili Palmer

    This happened today at a polling place today in Simi Valley

    Did you ask to see how you voted?
  13. Chili Palmer

    Recall Newscum unplgged

    Let me guess, none of these restrictions will affect Newsom’s home landscaping or his winery, correct?
  14. Chili Palmer

    Found One!

    You done good. This one looks much nicer than the one in Washington. Never get emotionally attached when looking for a vehicle and things go sideways - a better one always seems to pop up.
  15. Chili Palmer


    They are the useful idiots - just like the Soviet Union did - it used all its resources to gain power and eliminated all those who it deemed a threat to their regime. The same will happen again.
  16. Chili Palmer

    Someone Ship This CCP C*nt Back Already!!!!

    The vaccine should protect those that are vaccinated, so why are they being such bitches about everyone getting jabbed? Is the vaccine not all what they have been told it would be?
  17. Chili Palmer

    Bringing some Facebook to Rdp

    I got B with a dose of “Let him learn!”
  18. Chili Palmer

    1991 Microchip...

    Bill Gates wet dream is coming to fruition along with help from his buddy Tony Faucci.
  19. Chili Palmer

    Good morning Inmates

    Good morning all! It’s nice to see that the Good Morning thread has increased its staff by 200%. The extra effort is appreciated. 👍
  20. Chili Palmer

    Anyone seen Jen today?

    Giving homes to the homeless only enables them and reinforces their reason to stay here and not try to improve their situation. There are currently programs for alcohol and drug problems, as well as programs for mental health. If you don't fall into one of those categories the state needs to...