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    Plane crash Lake Havasu

    While I don't disagree in theory or what the POH states, I know from first hand experience that DA can severely affect the performance of any aircraft. I'm sure this pilot did all the calculations and planning required for his flight. Hopefully he received a weather briefing to warn him of any...
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    Plane crash Lake Havasu

  3. racektm

    Plane crash Lake Havasu

    Its called density altitude, as the temperature rises, the air thins out, thinner air less lift, the airport sit around 782' above sea level, current temperature at the airport gives a density altitude of 3200' +-, the plane thinks it is at 3200', causing major lift issues.
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    Pia Zadora back in the day....
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    2017 F250 Lariat No Longer for sale

    Might be easier to modify the garage than take a beating on the truck and finding another one….
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    Shout out

    Seams pretty cheap to me, considering where you were and the other options.
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    What does the Pontiac Aztek and the brand new C8 Corvette have in common?

    They're both red, that's where the similarities stop....
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    Inbred Family-The Whittakers

    Anyone else hearing banjos??
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    Thoughts on cleats......

    I like the pop up style, not obtrusive but there when you need them,
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    Your Reaction Score Level by %

    132% Even with a low post count,
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    Want to buy a Bravo 28 RH

    I have one at the bottom of the pacific after the Catalina ski race last weekend….
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    Just the bow

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    [WTB] Bravo 1 26p Prop

    I have a Bravo 1FS, 27P
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    Go ride your bike they said.

    Needs to learn not to fall off....
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    Hotter than the hinges of hell Useless as tits on a shovel handle
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    Boat Windshields/Custom Plexiglas

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    Crazy wages Havasu

    That's for a journeyman, a first period apprentice makes about 50% of the journeyman
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    Crazy wages Havasu

    Yes, but in 4 years they'll be making 100K, the sandwich maker will not,
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    Questions for those that have built a house

    Welcome Neighbor!