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  1. brianwhiteboy

    What's Up With RDP?

    Computer hack....
  2. brianwhiteboy

    Powder coater in San Diego area

    It’s not North County, but I recently used Bradford Powder Coating in Chula Vista to powder coat the wheels for my wife’s Escalade. I drove down from Los Angeles because of their price and reputation. The wheels came out excellent and I would highly recommend them. They do everything from...
  3. brianwhiteboy

    No words...

    Here’s an instant replay from another angle! Know any good fiberglass guys...:cool:
  4. brianwhiteboy

    The people of Del Taco Barstow

  5. brianwhiteboy

    Who wants a great dog?

    You’re a good man 👍
  6. brianwhiteboy

    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    That’s not the one I bought from you lol. That motor ended up being a bit too worn out and parts are quite difficult to get. I’ve always got my eye out for another but as you can see the prices of them are beyond stupid.
  7. brianwhiteboy

    Feel It???

    Felt in El Segundo 👍
  8. brianwhiteboy

    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    I had an ‘85 CR500 three wheeler (Mark Laeger conversion) back in the day. It was known to eat a few Banshees for lunch.
  9. brianwhiteboy

    Extremely vintage dirtbike for sale

    Used to help shuttle the pioneers cross county. Pretty good shape for being 136 years old .... :cool:
  10. brianwhiteboy

    I nominate Regor as the first mayor

    Please make sure the top five resident RDP libturds are in attendance as well 👍
  11. brianwhiteboy

    Great. MU found in LA

    “We’ve got bush!” :cool:
  12. brianwhiteboy

    High speed chase LA

    This guy is nuts. I’m impressed with how the LAPD cruiser is keeping up with a Beamer.
  13. brianwhiteboy

    High speed chase LA

    On channel 7 KABC. In the valley and hauling ass!
  14. brianwhiteboy

    Labor day weekend

    Fox Raceway absolutely blows from a parking standpoint. The first race they had in 2019 took us well over an hour and a half just to get inside the complex. Then this past May we literally moved 50 feet in two hours when trying to get out of the parking lot, no lie...getting into the race was...
  15. brianwhiteboy

    Just Say No To The Recall

    I’d like if they offered money to criminals to START killing each other 👍
  16. brianwhiteboy

    Settle this…

    Looks like my checking account balance.
  17. brianwhiteboy

    Well, it's my turn......

    X100000 Spot on.