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  1. senorpdog

    Chevy/GMC/Caddy diesel

    I have the Escalade and a Sierra with it absolutely love them plenty of power and great fuel economy.
  2. senorpdog

    Need to find an auto body shop with a frame machine

    I can take a look at it I’m in riverside. Does it drive?
  3. senorpdog

    GMC Dealer

    I have the new Escalade with the diesel and am not disappointed. Got it from Dutton they will treat you right supply is just rough these days.
  4. senorpdog

    2020 EZGO Elite Lithium

    2020 RXV Elite EZGO Lithium Lithium 90 Amp Battery Pack Kicker Stereo with Sirius/Xm LED Lights Aftermarket Billet Steering Wheel Carbon Fiber Dash Aftermarket 12 inch Wheels and Tires Tinted Windshield Heated Seats 9500 OBO Its Located in Riverside, CA
  5. senorpdog

    Artificial grass?

    United Laboratories doesnt look like they sell direct. Where do you purchase it?
  6. senorpdog

    Riverside Peeps

    Not sure if you have been to that cemetery before I just buried my grandmother there last week there are no masks needed. But please make sure you take the time to check out the monuments while you are there I think everybody in these times needs to go see these monuments they are definitely...
  7. senorpdog

    Riverside Peeps

    I would definitely go on anchos for Mexican call ahead they have a private patio that should fulfill your party size. As far as brewery downtown I mean there is heroes or slaters 50-50 just opened there’s a pretty good brewery in a place called the food lab but that’s more of like a food court...
  8. senorpdog


    Not sure where you took it but just make sure they write a complete estimate before parts are ordered that vehicle is probably a total but some shops will start on it with an estimate that misses damage then supplement it over total loss value.
  9. senorpdog

    Who’s the body shop guy on here?

    Yep I’m your huckleberry what can I do for you?
  10. senorpdog

    Need a body shop in the Riverside area.

    It could range anywhere from $300-$1000 it just depends on the prep I mean five rock chips versus 1000 rock chips is a completely different prep
  11. senorpdog

    Need a body shop in the Riverside area.

    Hey t&y im the owner of Hamblins let me know when you are coming in and I will look at it myself if I’m around! It’s not something we normally do but what I will usually do in those situations let my guys do it on the side it works out better for everybody involved that’s cheaper the quality is...
  12. senorpdog

    Tiger Woods Documentary

    He probably has a Yoder
  13. senorpdog

    Tiger Woods Documentary

    I have gone with the opinion of the Internet and have not watched it. Tiger Woods is a hero to me we are the same age we grew up in the same area and he beat me like a drum playing golf. This is just a tear down piece to rip a legend I understand he cheated on his wife but I can give you a list...
  14. senorpdog


    I really don’t need the fuck that. You keep your Chinese tin can smoker. I prefer to spend a little more for made in the USA.
  15. senorpdog


    About 2500 with the cart
  16. senorpdog


    Yeah I have one with the competition cart best and worst purchase ever. Best purchase because it does everything Wi-Fi works has more than enough grilling area and it’s sturdy as hell they deliver it on a pallet to you. Worst purchase cause I just had to buy my second one for my vacation house...
  17. senorpdog

    So who has one of these things??

    It works well we have one.
  18. senorpdog

    Looking for some Home Gym Equipment

    I have a Hydrow Rower and a Nordic Track Fusion CST I would sell if anyone is interested. I recommend Peleton I have both the treadmill and Bike and have lost 120 pounds since March.
  19. senorpdog

    Is there a place I can see all the people who have banner ads on here?

    I have bought quite a few trucks there always a great experience with a small family owned dealership.