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  1. arch stanton

    new song Aaron lewis

  2. arch stanton

    Sharing my first selfie

    I'm not on any social media RD and Glamis dunes is about it so I thought I would share my first selfie and my new truck and current job. I'm working on Ruffin Rd in San Diego helping install a new 16 inch gas line I am currently working out of a yard in the solar turbine parking lot and have...
  3. arch stanton

    Dad I got go

    Has this happened to you
  4. arch stanton

    An interesting video about the kung flu

    Lots info I'm not sure it's true but makes sense and is frightening at the same time https://peertube.live/videos/watch/32902e72-c806-432f-abbe-93eef3c27c97
  5. arch stanton

    Rattle snakes what have you seen

  6. arch stanton

    Repairing a cracked trailer frame

    I have had this trailer about 20 years and this is the second time that I fixed it, first time about the time I bought it, I found a few cracks that got bigger and longer more I ground I backed all the slots with T-1 and welding was done with a dual shield wire.
  7. arch stanton

    the end is near

  8. arch stanton

    Christmas card from my attorney

    This was part of the email card I got the other part is traditional greeting Wishing You Happy Holidays From us ("the wishors") to you ("hereinafter called the wishee"): Please accept without obligation, explicit or implicit, our best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially...
  9. arch stanton

    New work truck

    Just picked this up, getting it ready to pull the Murray Lowbed thats in the pic behind my other Kenworth.
  10. arch stanton

    Help make a meme

    I know the inmates hear can come up with someone better than I will. this is a pic I saved years ago and I think now is a good time to bring it up. Which one is the real puppet ? Walter for president he sounds smarter.
  11. arch stanton

    New river puppy

    Well we got are new girl March 10 at almost 3 months old She is our 3rd Doberman the last 2 lived 13 years. The question I have for everyone is about pet insurance what is your experience, we have never had it and just payed the vet bills as they got older is it worth it when the chips were down...
  12. arch stanton

    Truck driving job available

    I am looking for Lowbed and super 10 driver we are in San Marcos ca and most of the dump truck work is in north San Diego county the Lowbed work will be farther but still Southern calif. Lowbed is a 16 tire Murray expando Pay is hourly with overtime and monthly performance bonus Trucks are new...
  13. arch stanton

    Wood Boat

    Saw this old wood boat in Bonsal last week looks like a big project
  14. arch stanton

    I saved a Ferrari

    I was east bound on I 8 at Fairmont Ave and I see this Ferrari on the shoulder with hood up and smoke and flames just visible and A guy waving at the passing cars all doing about 20 MPH so I pulled over in my KW grabbed the mandatory fire extinguisher and saved the car.
  15. arch stanton

    Building the wall

    I don't want to get political in this I want to get technical how I think and how fast can it be built I saw a video on what they are going to build and they are going to use concrete tilt up walls one company is using an excavator instead of a crane to make it faster. I do some work with...
  16. arch stanton

    Vinyl lettering help

    I have been buying vinyl lettering for my trucks and equipment for years from the same franchise shop I think I have seen 3 owners over the years. Am I asking too much for them to cut my stick on signs square and all the same, If they cut all the separate words and numbers it looks like a drunk...
  17. arch stanton

    Optima ultimate street car innovational

    Any body else going it is combined with SEMA all the cars participating are on display at SEMA. My brother Robert is competing with a 2009 Vett he Finished the season in 4th place in the GTL class and a good friend Austin is competing with a 2010 Viper ACR 133 edition he finished the season in...
  18. arch stanton

    I bought a new truck

    My custom built Kenworth T880 just showed up took 3 months from order to delivery for those are into these kind things it has an 505 HP X15 cummins automated 18 speed 46K rear end with 3.90 gears with single locker 20K front Axel with 16K springs and an 8K drop Axel It is will be a super 10 that...
  19. arch stanton

    NFL boycott ?

    My uncle Al has started a boycott companion against the NFL if they do not show respect to our flag and country and he is looking for support,i don't do Facebook so feel free to share this with fellow patriots. While I have known Al for 45+ years it was not until about 15 years ago that he...
  20. arch stanton

    what would you do

    I have read the threads about some of us shipping things that never arrive at the destination and getting shafted by the shipping company so when I shipped a item that needed repair I bought the extra insurance to cover the 750$ replacement cost and sent it 2 day delivery,shipped with USPS. I...